Hitting 4 years on the blockchain.

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Well, apparently I've come up on my 4th year of being on Steem/Hive and figured I should make a post about it. Since I'm basically an elderly dementia patient now with how long I've been floating about on the site. Obviously, I haven't been here since day one or anything. But, I'd like to think I was a pretty early adopter and got in here at a good time. I've also got to meet a shit ton of cool people on Steem (Back in the day) and on here, and I've been very grateful for the buddies I've made and the rewards I've gotten for the content I've made. I've honestly no idea why everyone enjoys the stupid shit I write and the goofy videos I make occasionally, but I do just want to say this: Thank you, seriously thank you.

Steem and Hive have done a lot for me, helped me get through some rough times and helped me accomplish things I thought would take me awhile longer than they did. There's been tons of fun contests through the years, bizarre activities and goofy conversations that I'll always remember. When Steem and SBD peaked a few years back, I was able to power down enough of my crypto at the time to buy my then girlfriend an engagement ring and make her my fiancée. Something I thought I'd have to wait another year or so at the time to be able to afford. That's probably one of the coolest things I've been able to do with my time here, beyond entertaining you greasy people.

I've also made several friends who I've been talking to on a regular basis for years now from the blockchain, and I suspect I'll continue to do so for the rest of my life outside of Hive or whatever blockchain we end up on years down the line. Maybe one day I'll even meet up with some of you wholesome cuties, and we can give each other rimjobs while we take ketamine and watch anime together around the bonfire. I guess only time will tell though.

Another thing I've been thankful for since the switch to Hive is the reward support I've had, with most posts at least netting me a few bucks worth of Hive to power up. I've gotten very close to dolphin status, which has me pretty excited. I've always been a minnow, in part that's my own fault, but I just always assumed I'd be stuck there. But, just never really gave a fuck because I just like to post garbage for fun. It feels good looking at my numbers that I've gotten from sheer content and engagement here, and I'm very excited to be able to hit that 5k mark at some point in the future. Maybe we'll even see a point in time where my upvotes will give you more than a nickel in the next year, that'd be pretty wonderful, right?

But, I just wanted to make a quick post giving myself a handjob about being here for so long. I was a few days late to getting around to it. But, we've had a bad time here in the past few days so I've not had the energy or time to get to it. As a matter of fact, I don't think you'll see me here much in the next week probably. My fiancée lost a friend/coworker of 4 years last Friday, so there's been quite a bit of grief going on here and a lot of my time has been spent trying to help her cope and feel okay. I suspect that's going to be taking up a lot of my time and effort here for the next few days. Hopefully next weekend I can do something more fun and goofy on here and make a game review or something.

Anywho. I hope you're all staying safe out there, and that you've all had a good holiday season. Again, thank you all for all the encouragement, engagement, upvotes, etc and I look forward to another year here on Hive with you fucks.

Until next time, doods.



Four years is a long time to do anything. For what we actually make there has to be more than just the money here. I too have made lots of friends and met quite a few of them in person. Who knows where we will all be in another four years, but I hope those are better times for the world. Sorry to hear your girlfriend lost a friend. That's always tough, but it doesn't help when you can't be with people as much.

Stay strong and stay well.

Here's to four more years of fart humor, dick jokes, and who can forget those all-night games of 'tickle the back of my throat'. ;)

With how horrible 2020 was, who knows what the next 4 years will be like. I might be vaporized into a pile of ash and grease at the rate shit has been going. Hope you're doing well, man.