Relaxing Liquid Drum & Bass DJ Mix, the first of 2021!

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well.
This is my second post today, and this time it's a half hour DJ Mix of some liquid drum and bass. This mix also features one of my own tracks, which you can listen to in full on all good online stores (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal etc).

However, first of all here's the link to my DJ Mix on my mixcloud page (please feel free to give me a follow).

Please click here to go to my Mixcloud page

If you would like to listen to my track in full on Spotify Please click here!

Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Hybrid Minds Remix) 00:00
Darren Flinders - Angels Kiss (Original Mix) 02:33
Telomic - Withdrawn 05:06
Terror & Espa - Loaded Gun 07:00
NuTone feat Stac - Piece Of You 10:00
Netsky & Hybrid Minds - Let Me Hold You 14:00
Telomic - Lately 16:47
Polaris - Eternal Conflict 17:14
Fred V - Hands Of Time 19:25
Keeno Feat Whiney - Seek & Expand 21:36

Thanks for checking out my post, please enjoy the music!!

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Oh you're a liquid dnb head too?! Nice to meet you! You can embed the mixcloud player on the peakd post by the way, I'll check the mix out this week!

Thanks Nicky, I tried to embed it, but just kept getting an error, so had to link it instead.

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