Nora in the Mirror

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Nora miss Daddy being at work, it's time to go to bed, and she walk from the bathroom to her bed when she passes her mirror, she's just in a top and panties, when she see herself in the mirror, she all of a sudden get the idea, what if daddy could see my now through the mirror. She feel a warm tingle all over, as she look at herself, with the idea, that what she see is what daddy would see.

She feel she start getting wet, imagining how she'd get daddys attention, she cant keep her hands to herself, but caress her boobs, slowly pull the top down, and roll her nipples between her fingers.

She run her hands down along her hips, down her thighs, run them up and down, thinking it would make daddy hard to see her like that, oh just the thought of daddys cock growing, makes her moan by accident, "ohhh fuckkk"
She turns around push her butt towards the mirror, lightly spank herself moaning "look daddy, I'm your little slut", teasingly pull down her panties a little, turn around again, and run her hand down into her panties, her fingers gently massaging her clit, as she, bite her lips "ohhh fuck, daddy, come and take me, daddy I need you" - she can just imagine daddy unable to take his eyes of her, seeing him eat her with his eyes, desiring her

She pull down her panties, rubbing herself, she walks backwards o the bed, still visible in the mirror, she lay down, spread her legs, part her pussy-lips, dip fingers inside moaning "daddy come take me, fuck me, I want your cock, daddy" She can just imagine daddy looking at her, pull his pants down, rub the big bulge in his boxers, she feel all she wants is to be a wet willing little slut, that she is all daddy needs

She finger herself with two fingers, faster and faster, wishing daddy was there walking up to her, ohhh shed rub her face into his bulge, pull down his boxers with her teeth, and love to see she have made him real hard, his big cock throbbing, the head soaked in precum.

She wants it so bad, to grab it, lick the head, suck it in her mouth, till daddy push her on her back, and thrust himself into her, her pussy is so hungry for his lovely big cock, to fill her up, fuck her, own her, she wants so bad to his, to be owned by him, and feel his cock possess her, fuck her harder and harder.

She is moaning loudly now, thrusting her fingers in and out her pussy, crying "please daddy fuck me, fuck your little slut, fuck me harder harder, let me cum daddy, make me cum daddy" - she hump her ass up and down, to meet him every time he slam cock in her, scream out loud, as she cum, her body convulsing, her pussy so fucking soaking wet.

She come to her senses, and turn around on all four look back at the mirror, and can just imagine daddy get behind her, ready to get his full satisfaction - oh she love to let him use her as his fucktoy, to salsify his needs, she spank her butt, spread her butt, and can almost feel daddy grabbing her hips, thrusting his cock in her, and use her for his pleasure, to feel him bouncing against her ass, his demanding hands on her hips, pulling her back and forth, his balls slapping against her, him moaning in outmost pleasure, and being so happy that she can give it to him.

She moans "yes give it to me daddy, I'm all yours, cum on my butt daddy" - he go faster and faster till he pull out, moaning "ohhh fuck little, I cummm, I fucking love you, little slut" as she feel the reward for turning daddy on so much splashing over her butt, his hot cum


  • Just then the door opens and daddy enters "What are you doing little" as he find her on all four, butt-naked in bed, soaking wet.
    "Thinking of you, daddy" she reply with her cutest smile
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