Daddy uWu

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Kitten: daddy uwu


mmmm daddy's kitten, cutie pet
mmm pull you in to me, and slide my hand under your shirt, play with your boobs, mmmm "Daddy need my girl, now, Daddy have this problem in my pants, that need to be taken care of" whisper in your ear, as my hands is cupped over your boobs, rolling your nipples between my fingers

Kitten:ngh dadddddddddddy ~pls

Ohhh yessss mmmmm your boobs feels so good, babygirl - mmmmmmm
You feel daddy's bulge throbbing and pressing against your body, daddy whisper in your ear "Do you want to touch it, and be my lttle slut ?"

Kitten:i look up at you '' yes daddy i want to touch it '' i said

MMMMMM you unzip daddy's pants, and run your hand down in my boxers, and take my hard cock in your hand, daddy breathes heavier "ohhh yess, that feels good" Daddy whispers in your ear, then gently bite your earlobes, squeezing your boobs harder in my hands

Kitten:'' nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh agh dadddy '' i moan out

ohhhhhhh, Daddy let one hands caress down over your tummy, then down between your legs, whispering" Are you getting wet for Daddy, little dirty girl" ?

Kitten:'' y-yes daddy"

Daddy lift you up, carry you to the bed, and undress you, kiss every part of your body, kiss your neck, down and kiss your beautiful firm young boobs, kiss my way down your stomach, lay you down on the bed, kiss my way up your legs, the inside of your thighs, moaning "Daddy want to taste your sweet pussy, babygirl"
Spread your legs for Daddy, show me your tight little pussy, let me get my head in between your legs, and kiss your pussy

Kitten:'' ahhhhh d-daddy pls ''

mmmmmm let my tongue run up and down between your pussylips, yessss little slut give it to Daddy - mmm taste so good
I lift your legs up over my shoulder, your wideopen for Daddy, bury my head in your pussy, and run my hands up grabbing your boobs, while my tongue enters your tight pussy

Kitten:'' ngh~ daddy please ''

Daddy beard tickling your ass, while I lick harder and harder - mmmm yes be a little slut for daddy, don't be shy, rub your pussy in my face

Kitten:'' please daddy ~''

mmmmmmm suck your clit in my mouth, my lips vibrating round it, slap my tongue over it

Kitten:'' ngh ahhhh f-fuck daddy your tongue is so good ''

mmmm slurp slurp slurp slurp ... ohhh daddy love your sweet pussy so much, taste so good
roll on the side, get my hand down, and fuck a finger in your pussy, sucking your clit harder, my tongue dancing around it and over it

Kitten:'' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ~ i-i'm cumming please j-just f-fuck m-me ''

you reach out and get my rockhard cock in your hand, yessssssss baby stroke it, you hold it in a firm grip and move your hand up and down
mmmmm and while you're cumming like crazy, your hand pushing daddy's head down in your pussy, you rubbing it all over daddy's face, daddy moans "ohhhhh I wanna fuck that pussy NOW!!!!

Kitten:then i sit in your lap

mmmmmm you wanna ride daddy, little slut ?

Kitten:''yes daddy i want to have an ride you ~'' i said

MMM get on Daddy, my little fuckpet, daddy's cock is so hard and big, throbbing, you get over Daddy, and I direct my cock to your pussy, mmmmmmm slowly you lower yourself on it, taking it in inch by inch


mmmm wrap my arms around you and hold you tight, daddy's cock buried ballsdeep in my little dirty sluts wet tight pussy, you kiss daddy and can taste your pussy - daddy's face all soaked in the juices from when you came over daddy's face


mmmmm daddy whispers in your ears "yesss little slut, now Daddy will give you cock, fuck you"
get my hands down and grab your ass, direct you to move back and forth, making my hard cock slide in and out your tight girlpussy

Kitten:'' ngh daddy i'm going cum soon ''

daddy whispering "ohhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss your pussy is so good, ohhh fuckkk, yesss daddy will fuck it fuck it, fuck my little slut, ohhh I'll give you cock, mmmm fuckkk yessss baby, take that cock, mmmm fuck Daddy love fucking your tight pussy, it feels soooo goood"

Kitten:''i'm cummmming ''
''aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~cumming ''

keep whispering in your ear "yesss my little dirty girl, cummm for daddy, fucking cum all over daddy's cock, cummmm baby, cummm baby, cummmmm baby"

Kitten:''uahhhhhhhhhhh fuck daddy ''

yessssssssssssssssssssssssss babygirl, daddy's little horny slut, keep on cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmin
mmmmm daddy love when you're such a little slut for daddycock

Kitten:'' i'm your little slut and i love you daddy ''

ohhhh you're so wet baby, soaking my cock in pussyjuice, it's running down over my balls, yesssss fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
mmmmmm daddy's lovely little pet, love when you cum so good daddy holding your tight, cock buried deep in your pussy, you shaking and shivering, daddy whispering in your ears, "yesss cumm for daddy, my sweet little kitten"

Kitten:'' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ''

yesssss baby baby baby, ohhhh yessssssss so good.... love to feel you cummmmm

Kitten:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck

mmmmmmm yesss yessss - when you come to your senses again, daddy tell you "take me in your mouth, little slut, Daddy wanna feed my kitten"
push your head down to my cock soaked in your juices, you grab it, stroke it, and suck the head in your mouth
ohhh baby do you want it, do you want daddy's hot load ?

Kitten:yes daddy

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yessss baby, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk you look up at daddy, and I look in your eyes, you can see you give daddy sooo much pleasure, as I start to cummmm, you holding my cock firmly, my cock in your mouth, shooting load after load of hot sperm
while you suck and lick and squueze every drop of cum out of Daddy

Kitten:'' i love you too daddy '' then we lay down and stared to cuddle

mmm yesssss and then we cuddle, ohhhh yesss almost the best part about sex, to be close and satisfied

Kitten:i am daddy

Daddy on my back, so relaxed and content, you rest your head on Daddy's chest, my arms around you holding you tight, caressing your head.. mmmmm Daddy's cute lil sexkitten


mmmm you're so cute

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