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How long do you put on the face mask. For a short period of time, for a long time or forever? What ever answer you give, please bear this in mind.

A face mask is supposed to be used for a limited time. If you wear it for a long time, these are obviously what will happen to you:

👉 Oxygen in your blood will reduce and there will be resultant increase in carbondioxide level.

This is because, you are not breathing in enough oxygen into the lungs to replace the carbondioxide hence making the pH of the blood more acidic.

👉 Oxygen to the brain reduces.

The brain is the first centre to detect low oxygen level. Since there isn't oxygen in the body system, you may likely experience syncope (faint).

This makes you dizzy or sleepy and you start feeling weak. All the activities that occur here could culminate to a complication and if care is not taken, it may lead to death.

What do I have to do?

👉 Remove it when you are alone and free.

👉 Don't wear the face masks at home. Breath in fresh air to balance the body system.

👉Use it mainly when you are in a crowded place and also when you are in close contact with people.

​👉As much as possible, reduce its usage. This can be done by trying as much as possible to reduce contact with people. Self isolation the way out during this pandemic for now.

​👉 Don't drive inside your car putting on the nose mask with your AC turned on. Breath in fresh air.

​👉Only use the nose mask when necessary. Nose mask should not be used as a fashion.

​Stay safe and Breath well❤️❤️❤️

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