Potatoes with veggies

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Hey Hivers!
I made some easy food today aswell.

Todays Dinner:

Today I made Potatoes with veggies for some easy good.
Its good and very easy and I have had some hard days for the past days, lifting a lot of stuff throughout the day.

Here’s what I use:

720g of Potatoes (Which is a lot when I weight it, but I just used what I had)
300g of Veggies
100g of Red Cabbage
3 Cherry Tomatoes


Onion Powder


I cut all of the potatoes mixed them well in the bowl with Oil, Onion Powder, Bazil, Pepper, Salt and Cumin.
I turned on the oven to 175C* and put the potatoes in for 25-30mins.

The last 10 mins while I was waiting for the potatoes, I fried all of the veggies. I also put in 3 Cherry Tomatoes and mashed so all of the veggies could absorb the juice.


Nutrional Facts:


1009 Calories

159g Carbs
35.3g Protein
24.5g Fat

63% Carbs
15% Protein
22% Fat