Play-off #22

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Hello everyone and welcome for the last program of @rabona season 22.

This time we will make a summary of the teams that were promoted and the champion of the champions.

Champion of the champions

Bluewin 1860

Congratulations to @thebluewin for conquer the 5th Rabona title.

League of Champions Promotion

Viktoria Linz (@thehockeyfan-at), Smileys United (@carita-feliz), Agripinos FC (@warnas) and robot-josef (@robot-josef)

League 1 Promotion

FC Bodensee (@oliverschmid), AS Whentown (@mciszczon), FC Cervezas (@cervisia), VFL Bochum 1848 Mima (@mima2606), Caen United (@mickvir), Walter Frosch FC (@condeas). steaua (@steaua), Beacon FC (@badmusgreene), rangers (@rangers), beast11 (@shitsignals), FC Biggus Dickus (@rahul.stan), VfB Stuttgart (@cn1hive) and FC Flaenseborg e.V. (@udabeu)

League 2 Promotion

NomadCF (@kromtar), HEROS FC (@heros), TG (@travelgirl), FC Melario (@achim03), FC Manastur (@nicolae0001), Galatasaray (@veterinarian), FreshGrass (@kronicblazer), arrixion (@arrixion), Goldberg Polyhedron (@matrixspinor), Paradice Flyers (@successchar), Moonshot FC (@gadrian), Islamabad United (@homecooking), Peronismo FC (@cre47iv3) and BTCSam FC (@btcsam)

Congratulations for all promoted team.

See you next season for more Play-Off programs.


I keep jumping in and out of League 1 . My team I started with got too old and I now have younger players again .
Hopefully the new blood can help me maintain my place in League 1 .

Good luck to everyone for this season !

I have the same problem.
Now I decided to be on League 2 and prepare everything to be promoted to League 1 and have a team to stay there some seasons