I Just Bought Another Batch Of My Medicines Again

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These medicines are just what I needed to maintain a proper well-being that I needed for my bone regeneration efforts and for my body's need to relax and give me a better sleep and it works for me.

Sevelamer Carbonate

I needed to use this medicine, I should have used it right from the start because of my risk of getting bone degeneration and weakening but it happened because I have no ability to buy this kind of medicine then as I was not made aware of the bone effects that could happen.

I am not blaming anyone even my doctor because I have no money to afford a better health care for myself as dialysis was the only thing that I had a priority then and all others was left unchecked particularly my phosphorus levels.

"Renvela" is a Phosphate binder that I was taking now to help me not to elevate my phosphorus levels. I had a high phosphorus levels for so many years which is why I developed scoliosis and Leontiasis Ossea of my face.

So I am not giving my Parathyroid a reason to be hyper with its functions and cause any further leaching of calcium from my bones.


Cinacalcet's effect is to tell or fool my Parathyroid that I have enough Calcium in my blood so it need not to get hyper anymore and pump its destructive horeones into my body to tell my bones to leach out Calcium from them. Now it seems that it is returning to its normal state but I am yet to know its real functions from my iPTH function test which I haven't accomplished yet.

I am just assuming that my iPTH is near its normal level because I am feeling the improvements already. My pain issues are alleviating but still not totally, I am waiting for my feet joints to dissipate in months to come if it will be the case.

Now I am also taking Vitamin D3, about 10,000 IU ever other day plus Calcium everytime I would eat. I am also eating a fruit a day so that I will not get constipated due to the effects of calcium to my stools.

The above mentioned medicines and vitamins and mineral (Calcium) really gave me some level of improvement and I intend to continue what I am doing so that I can reverse my "Hungry Bone Syndrome" and let my bones to strengthen rather than to leach out calcium from them.


Gabapentin gives me a better relaxation level for my body, it induces a normal sleep plus it gives me some form of analgesia because of the kind of nerve pain that I still have due to my joint and back pains. I can still live without Gabapentin but right now I think that I needed it because I needed to have some better sleep and a pain management for my body as a whole.

For one thing Gabapentin also gives my guts a relaxed feel as well which is why I do not suffer anymore from that urge to use the bathroom everytime. SO I think that some IBS sufferers can also benefit from using Gabapentin.


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