New Generation Of Cycling Superstars Emerge

Nothing between the two time wise as they have the exact same time after 20 stages and more than 3500km.

I have been following the Giro d' Italia for the last week or so as it is not something I normally follow. With not much on tv sport wise it has been great to catch up with this event with extended highlights in the evenings.

Over the last week we have seen two young riders take charge of the race dominating the last 3 stages. What is great to see is that the under 25 riders have really come to the party dominating the general classifications. For so long it has always been the regular names and that no longer is the case.

Tomorrow is the 21st and final stage of the 2020 Giro d' Italia featuring a short sub 20 minute time trial of 15km through Milan. The fascinating part is Jai Hindley and Tao Geoghegan Hart have exactly the same time after 20 days of racing covering more than 3500km.


I have never known this to happen before as normally someone has some sort of lead. Jai Hindley will be the last one out the gate tomorrow but the favorite has to be Hart as he is the better time trialist and stronger individual rider.

15 km is not far though and would love to have seen something a little more challenging. Hart I expect will beat the Aussie Hindley by a handful of seconds to claim race victory. Then again a fall or a mechanical could also happen so this one is up for grabs.

What I have liked about the race this year is that they have had 3 individual time trials which is something different. The first one was mainly down hill so it concentrated more on bike skills and braking, the second one was a mixture of flat and some small climbs with tomorrow's one being totally flat.

The 3 youth riders in the top 5 of the general classifications shows how strong the sport is and look forward to next years Tour de France. The youngsters can all climb and they should be even stronger next year. A winner has to be strong in all departments and believe Hart will be the new Chris Froome for team Ineos. This year they had a disappointing Tour and even the Giro d' Italia was looking bleak with Thomas abandoning the race. The team stood up though and salvaged the race with 6 individual stage wins and now looking like having the overall winner as well.

Tao Geoghegan Hart has been riding under the radar as his first major wins of his career have come in this race. His biggest win may happen tomorrow and won't bet against him achieving it. He looks as though he has all the qualities to dominate cycling over the next 5 years. I find it great when new names pop out having no clue who they were before.