How To Earn $BCH For Microblogging when you Sign Up On Noise.Cash

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Cryptocurrency is almost now a household name and i'm glad how it's turned out that the the world is rapidly adapting to the use of crypto. In my Country, majority of citizens now have a full knowledge of what crypto is all about. While most of them understand forex trading, some understand both. Let's say 40% of the youths and 20% of the elderly have this insight. What I do is keep people informed through my blogs, sharing earning opportunities, tweets and contents hoping that through social media, mass adoption can be achieved.

I finally registered on today after seeing a post by @claudio83. is a microblogging platform built by the owners of It is actually like Twitter but in it's own case, it allows users to tip and interact with each other's contents using BCH (Bitcoin Cash) coin. Users are allowed to make noise on this platform with shorter contents unlike After a user successfully registers on the platform terms of service (Tos) apply, he or she is asked to provide a public BCH address in the wallet section which is found in the location tab.

Here are the simple steps I followed to sign up on

  • Go to website and click on the 'Get started' option. This page pops up, enter your preferred username which can't be changed later, your email and you will enter password twice.


  • You will get a notification that a code has been sent to your email. Head over to your email and get the code. Insert it in the box on the Noise interface and send so your account can get verified.


  • You will be provided with the rules and you will have to click on 'Next page' after


  • Tick the 'I agree to the rules box' and click on 'Confirm'


  • Your blog page will show up


  • When you want to withdraw earned BCH, click on the 'Wallet' option in the profile tab, you will be asked to provide a BCH wallet address you wish to withdraw funds to
  • Subscribe to Chambers (communities) you will like to join. Click on 'My posts' on the profile tab to access your posts. To make a new post, go to where you have 'What's up' and type your post.


Follow my page here after signing up


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And it's also actually a super fun platform and many hivieans are over there already :)

Ofcourse bro! You are right....I noticed that too


Very helpful content. It's an easy way to earn some free Bitcoin Cash. BCH is a silent gaint. Hope in coming days it will perform great.

Accumulate all the coins you can afford to brother. You never can tell which coin is gonna explode next. 😄

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I don’t like BCH Bitcoin cash, and this noisecash looks like a direct competitor to us here at HIVE, so I flag! I don’t like Fakesatoshi, bch, or bsv! None of that! Free to post about it, just realize it may be a flag target by me here. No big deal, Flagged!

Hmm..the flag wasn't necessary bro. I don't see the coin or platform as a competitor to Hive though since it is obvious that Hive is the best when it comes to a blogging platform where one can earn dividends for sharing blogs. The Crypto market is getting bullish daily, had to share the info.

It is, I flag competition because I want HIVE to be seen over it's competition (here at least!) This is how hive works, we can upvote what we like and downvote what we don't, it's simple as that and downvoting makes hive more diverse believe it or not! Sorry if you don't agree! I'm not flagging all sorts of stuff for no reason. U know what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.