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So this year- this xmas and after 8 months of lockdown (and a very recent border closure- again) I finally made it across the border to my hometown for xmas and have been hanging out with my 85yr old dad for the past few days.

Normally I would work over xmas- for the past 30+yrs I've worked over xmas because in hospitality- that's when the work is- the big $$$, but since it's now been just over a year since I've seen my old dad- and been able to give my brother a break from his caring duties, there was no question about taking time off work- even though I've only been back a few weeks since lockdown was finally over.


And having xmas at work has never bothered me cause I've always figured that xmas is more of a family event and as I've never had my own family, it has been quite irrelevant to me, whereas New Years Eve was my thing.

Now New Years Eve is still my thing, but I'm not quite as 'actively participating" as I used to, although in saying that, I just remembered that I have spent a few new years eves alone in the past few years- nothing to get sad at though- in fact, I found them to be great- just me and my pro-active attitude getting a head start on the new year by creating something- whether that be physical or digital... and NOT waking up the next day- the new day- THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR, by feeling all horrible, crusty and hungover.


However, after 8 months of lockdown, I'm starting to feel like I need a bit of a night out- a bit of a celebration, but it's not going to happen this new years eve, as I'll still be hanging out with my darling old dad and he'll probably go to bed at 9-ish anyway, so I'll be starting 2021 by myself, with a head start and a completed project and I'll just have to wait till I get back to Melbs for that belated celebration cause spending the last days of my dads life with him is one of the single most important things in my life.


But I didn't post in this community tonight to discuss the new year- atleast not all of it anyway.

What I did want to say- and why I think that this is the perfect community to post my thoughts in tonight, is the philosophy of the community and how it relates to what I believe about xmas and new year.

In my younger days, as I said, I felt that xmas was more of a family time- kids, presents, meals, etc, whereas now I have more of a....unique opinion about it.


I'm not religious. Not at all. I am spiritual and for those that are signing the cross over their chests at me and backing away like I'm in cahoots with the devil, do not fear, because I know with absolute definitive empirical evidence, that I/you do not need a man made, organised religion to remind me/you to be a good person.

I/We all know within our hearts, souls, spirits and minds the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil and I know that I am a good, kind, compassionate, generous, loving, open, grateful, altruistic person that has bad thoughts like every single human being in the world, but knows that they are only fleeting and fantasy and will never be acted upon, simply because I am a good person and I know the difference- like every single one of us does- unless you are actually a card carrying sociopath....anyhoooo...


I don't believe in xmas.

There I said it, out loud and with certainty.

I don't believe in xmas, because I am NOT religious and pride myself on NOT being a hypocrite.

I also think that what we know of xmas- what has become of xmas- from a religious event to an expectant consumer driven, corporate stocking stuffing shopping spree have NOTHING in common with each other and even if I were religious, to participate in this type of xmas, I would feel like a hypocrite anyway I think.

I also feel like xmas- Christian xmas (is there any other...) segregates and excludes so many other people around the world and is that what we want?

Isn't that what Christianity- religion is supposed to be teaching us NOT to do?


So whether- from a religious perspective, xmas segregates people from other religions, or whether from a consumer driven xmas it segregates the 'haves' from the 'have nots'- from families within our own communities and countries that don't have as much to spend on presents as much as wealthy families.

And then even more extreme is from country to country- western world to developing nations and when you consider that even the poorest of people in western countries still have so much more affluence compared to those BILLIONS of people in developing countries and especially refugee camps, all xmas serves to do is to segregate, alienate and depress half of the world's population.

And I haven't even mentioned the people that do believe, but don't have families to celebrate with, or are having a really hard time in life.....anyway....


So no, I don't believe in xmas, but I will still wish everyone a merry xmas, because I believe in the sentiment, in the idea, the interpretation, the meaning of wishing that everyone does have a merry xmas period/holiday/time.


Wishing that everyone is safe, loved, appreciated, healthy, kind, compassionate and finds PEACE, ABUNDANCE AND LIBERTY.

However, wishing that people have a wonderful, warm and loving time should be done every day, not just for xmas.

Why can't we wish people a merry and safe day everyday, after all, isn't that what Christianity is supposed to do- encourage people to be kind, compassionate, loving, open, accepting and caring EVERY DAY?


Anyway, why I believe in New Years Eve?

Simply because it is something that every single person in the world can celebrate without division of any kind.

The act of celebrating the end of and the incoming years is an act- an event that is a fact and that includes everyone everywhere.

So, I do genuinely wish every single one of you who ever you are, where ever you are and what ever you are doing a very safe and merry EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! (unless you a cruel to animals, then that's a whole other blog....)


If you have made it this far, then you are absolute champions and I thank you so much for reading my blog tonight and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


❤️❤️❤️All love and support in whatever way is greatly appreciated❤️❤️❤️

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I so get these sentiments. All of them.

I wish you strength as you and your Dad and family walk through his last days. I know how hard and conflicted this time is.

Thank you Fiona, so glad that this post has resonated with you and I appreciate your kind words and support.

hello dear friend @chocolatescorpi good night
It's good that you were finally able to visit your father, enjoy it very much.
stay safe and take care dear friend
Have a happy start to the week