Benefits of cork fish (common snakehead, snakehead murrel, chevron snakehead, striped snakehead) for health

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Fish are loaded with important nutrients, because they contain a variety of proteins and vitamin D. Fish is also the best source of omega-3 fatty acids in the world, which is very important for the body and brain.

There are lots of fish that are nutritious and beneficial to the body, one of the best is cork fish (common snakehead, snakehead murrel, chevron snakehead, striped snakehead).


Cork fish is very useful because it contains a lot of albumin protein. It is not inferior to the protein contained in salmon. This protein is very good for consumption by children, adults, even for pregnant women.

Albumin is also known as a substance that is able to repair cells (revive body cells), so that health will recover quickly.

Some of the benefits of cork fish are:

  1. Help build muscle.
  2. Accelerate wound healing.
  3. Wound healing after surgery.
  4. Cure body swelling.
  5. Help overcome diabetes.
  6. Good for bone and tooth growth.
  7. Increase albumin in the body.
  8. Good for pregnant women.
  9. Helps maintain fluid balance in the body.
  10. Improve poor nutrition.

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the first time that I hear the name of this fish!