Spent the Evening Drawing Anger, Despair, and Worry... and as I was struggling to ...

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... capture these emotions the crypto markets were getting a bit euphoric! 😆 Quite a contrast! I’ve hit a good stopping point for the night as it’s about 1 AM and after a few redraws I’m finally overall satisfied with the expressions on this next “I Thought It Would Be Zombies...” page in progress. Action & adventure are important... but character and emotion are even more critical in a good story, wouldn’t you agree?


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I totally agree. This looks great!

Thank you! I seem to be doing pretty well in my routine of drawing faces terribly at first, and then completely redoing them the following day! 😂 I look forward to perhaps skipping that first step someday in the future when I’m more practiced...

Faces are really hard to do. I'm sure you'll get better at it with time.

In a comic and in practically all the drawings of characters and others, if it does not express something, it does not generate anything and it is not attractive, I think. The truth is that you have achieved great expressions! I love how the girl looks.

I have a lot of problems with that, I've been researching every time I can, seeing some books, I have to take some advice and check the books that you sent me too. ;)

I have no doubt that when you really study expressions you’ll master them quickly! And be sure to use friends, family, and photographs as well. I’m most successful when I have a good reference and inspiration.

Hello dear Bryan! how are you? Yes, it's something I have to study thoroughly. Oh! yes! I remember that from the faces of friends and family. Lately I have used my relatives I walk like crazy taking pictures.
I certainly think those two are very important. I'm seeing some ConceptArt artists and they recommend a lot, a lot of references to understand things, which is often not how you think.

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