Weekend Recap

in #weekend3 months ago

Hi Friends,

I had a good weekend and hope each of you did as well.

On Saturday, we hung around in the morning then met some family at a restaurant for lunch. We had a good meal and they all came over to hang out at our house after, where we played outside and had some pie and ice cream for dessert. My brother in law and his girlfriend hung out after everyone left and we played some games when the kids went to sleep and had some craft beers.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning, then hung around the house the rest of the day. We relaxed for a little bit before lunch, then went outside and took care of some chores - I washed the cars and pulled some weeds mostly, and the kids had a good time outside.

My son Jacob has been really into pretending to be a police officer and writing tickets, so his grandma bought him his own ticket book... needless to say, I have been getting lots of citations, lol!



Thanks for coming by,