Innocence Lost, Still We Remain

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If you have seen any of my recent pictures, you can tell how much younger I was in this one. I was so green about so many things, so innocent.

In fact, we were all much more innocent two days ago. I wouldn't quite call it hubris, but the events of the past day have definitely put things into perspective for a lot of people on the blockchain.

We have all been woken up to a reality where seemingly the worst can happen, and yet, I log into Steem this morning and I see that people are still here. We remain.

Many are posting about the recent events. Some are posting like they have no clue what just happened. It is interesting to see the disparity between the two.

Are they not talking about it because they don't realize what just happened? Are they hoping that ignoring it will make it go away? Or are they just choosing to pull any thread of sunshine they can out of this somewhat dreary time?

If you've never taken the time to wrap your mind around the strength of this community in the past, it should be come ever so apparent to you now. We are a group of people with a passion for what we do and the blockchain that we do it on.

No matter what happens moving forward that could be the one thing that keeps us all above water.

Good luck my friends!


Well said the one thing that is apparent in all of this is the strength of the community

Thank you!


#posh proof of share:

We are a scrappy bunch who stand together and persevere through thick and thin!


We should keep posting as it helps keep the community together, but we cannot ignore the issues. The main thing we should do is vote for witnesses. That could get us back some control.

Have a !BEER young man.

Very true. I currently have my vote proxied to Blockbrothers. Perhaps I should undo that for now.

Just checked on Steemd and it looks like they do vote for the witnesses we need.

I went manual anyway. Just to be safe for now.

We will not surrender and steem on!!!