China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-08

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English news:

Chinese Solar Companies Tied to Use of Forced Labor

"Major solar companies including GCL-Poly, East Hope Group, Daqo New Energy, Xinte Energy and Jinko Solar are named in the report as bearing signs of using some forced labor"

--- The Chinese regime is doing its utmost to bring Chinese companies in trouble. (Then again, maybe the CCP thinks that appeasement like in the EU will go on forever & therefore there is nothing to fear.)

"GCL-Poly, Daqo New Energy, Xinte Energy and East Hope Group did not respond to multiple requests for comment"

--- Obviously because they have absolutely nothing to hide.

"The industry has deep ties to Xinjiang, which accounts for about 40 percent of global polysilicon production"

--- Yeah, well, but that goes mostly to Chinese companies. Shouldn't have much of an influence on global supply chains.

China tried to punish European states for Huawei bans by adding eleventh-hour rule to EU investment deal

"China would freeze cloud computing access to firms from European states which do not grant firms like Huawei access to their 5G networks"

--- The EU could have let that clause stand, but then insert their own, something like: If China doesn't allow European telecom firms the same market access as Chinese ones, all Chinese telecom firms will be excluded from the EU market.

Hong Kong police release all but three of those held in crackdown

"police are yet to lay any charges"

--- So, they had nothing in hand against any of the 53 arrested. Mostly just intimidation & the hope that they would find something incriminating during arrest.

"About 1,000 police officers were mobilised to raid 72 premises and arrest 53 people"

--- What a rational use of manpower.

China’s biggest coronavirus outbreak in months stalls coal, steel deliveries as frigid temperatures compound problems

"Hebei – which surrounds most of Beijing – has closed major highways leading into the provincial capital, Shijiazhuang, where some major steel factories are located"

--- Parts of China already had problems with coal supply. Will be a nice winter for many Chinese.

China seals off two cities following COVID outbreaks

""The outbreak was imported from abroad, but the exact origins are currently under in-depth investigation by state, provincial and municipal experts," said Li Qi, head of the Hebei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention"

--- Surprise! 'We have no idea how the outbreak started, but it was imported from abroad.'

China study says Wuhan COVID infections 3 times higher than official figure

"It found that 1.68% of those from Wuhan contained antibodies for SARS-CoV-2
[...] A separate study published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) late last month put the “seroprevalence” rate in Wuhan [...] even higher at 4.43%"

--- Problems to get the story straight?

China-Australia trade war forces winemakers to look to US, UK, and India to market

"many of the nation's winemakers are conceding it is time to find more reliable countries to do business with"

--- Reasonable.

"We don't need to be licking the boots of China"

--- Very reasonable.

China lifts import quota on Australian wool by 5 per cent

"It's great to have that increased quota but … we're going to struggle, we haven't filled that quota over the past couple of years, probably four years"

--- Joke of the day? China allows Australia to export more than they were able to produce in the last 4 years?

--- Other news:

“Baby-making machines”: Chinese tweet on Uighurs not against Twitter rules

Video News:

--- China Uncensored features the weekend news variety with a certain focus on US events:

--- DW News: "China's Inner Mongolia policy triggers Mongolian script revival"

--- WION: "China places 11 mn people under lockdown as Shijazhuang witnesses dramatic rise in Covid cases"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

China droht USA mit Konsequenzen

"China fordert die Vereinigten Staaten nachdrücklich auf, ihre verrückten Provokationen einzustellen"

--- Total verrückt, Diplomaten in andere Länder zu schicken.

Auf ein Ende der Zwangsarbeit in China kann der Westen lange warten!

"Das belegt nicht zuletzt die im November gegründete und von China gesteuerte Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership"

--- Wie steuern sie das denn?

"Die offiziellen Angaben von rund 5000 Corona-Toten dürften nur unwesentlich geschönt sein"

--- Waren nur so 1000% mehr. Völlig unwesentlich.

"Gerade Chinas Eliten haben ein langes historisches Gedächtnis"

--- Schwachsinn. Den Kommis ist die Geschichte weitgehend egal. Da wird nur sehr selektiv für die Propaganda benutzt, was man gerade braucht.
Der ganze Artikel zeigt mal wieder die unglaubliche Chinakompetenz des Tagesspiegels.

--- Sonstiges:

Quantencodes spuken über den Dächern von Schanghai

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