Everything Has Its Own Jargon

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Now I have decided. I understood quite painfully that I can't skip the stages. I'm referring to cryptocurrency trading and understanding the phenomenon in general. What are crypto currencies, why do they exist and why should we be involved.

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We humans are generally impatient. I tend to refer to groups, to majorities but I realize that I can be wrong. So, I repeat, I'm impatient, especially when I have to try something new.
I can't tell you how many devices I broke because after I bought them I immediately plugged them in and turned them on. After seeing smoke I went to read the user manual, often too late.

I did the same with crypto. I learned to make a few transactions, to buy, to deposit, to withdraw. I put some money in an exchange and tried to trade. It happened like when I first fished! Then I caught a lot of fish, I thought that's the story of fishing, but then it never happened again. So with trading. I made a few inspired moves and I won, I increased my deposit. That's how I came to believe that I would make easy money from now on. The cold shower came faster than I thought it would. I started to lose, of course and then I started to think that I still had to look for a little information.

I read some articles, I understood that I have to sell on green and buy on red (or vice versa !?) and I started playing. The great result was that I sold, when I should have bought, and vice versa!

I don't think I need to say what happened. Catastrophe!

I finally understood that it was imperative to document myself more. I thought Leo Finance was the best place and I started reading posts about trading. Like this one: $BTC a Sell After a Dead Cat Bounce? written by @nealmcspadden.

Why did I choose this position? I didn't know @nealmcspadden but I suspected that he is very good at trading if even @khaleelkazi asks for help!


I was sure that I would enlighten myself and learn quickly from the best. I read the post as well as the comments. I always read the comments and answers, often from there I find out even more than from the actual post. I didn't have much to read but I read several times, especially this discussion that put me even more in the fog...


I imagined that I was reading and then I ran to the exchange and implemented, but I still realized that I didn't understand anything but there was still hope. To ask the author, fortunately in Leo Finance everyone is kind and helpful.


The answer was prompt and kind but for me it was a blow. I realized that I still have a lot to learn, a lot and that trading still has to wait. I have to learn the language first!

Everything has its own jargon. Gotta know the lingo

Thank you, @nealmcspadden, for showing me my place and for making me quickly understand that it takes effort to be able to at least communicate with those who know this "game"!

Back to school!

I decided to take everything from the beginning, to learn the terms and actions. I thought that from this basic teaching I also share with my colleagues from Leo Finance. Of course, not to those who have experienced and passed this stage. I'm thinking that if there will be someone more ignorant than me (and there may be a few, considering that more and more Leo Finance sign up). At the same time, I find some themes to write some simple blogs, because otherwise I feel incapable and afraid of the knowledge of other colleagues and that prevents me from writing anything.

Again I let myself be carried away by words, I probably wrote a lot about almost nothing interesting. This is a habit gained in writing in Hive, on other subjects that require more story.


Because we talked about Hive, today I saw in my wallet the value of the coins that interest us the most and... it was a novelty. At least I saw for the first time that HIVE was the only one on green. Is it a sign?


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I'm going to tell you a story and please don't take this the wrong way as I'm not telling you this to hurt you.

When I was finishing university, we had to have a short version of our dissertation in English. I can't even count how many times I heard people telling me it's easy for you as you know English. Once when I had enough I asked the person politely where were you when I was studying English for 4 years, twice a week for 3 hours plus at home during the week? You should have seen that face.

You never know how many hours one has been spending learning, watching the market, trading to get a profit, or putting together a post or video. Or how much they have lost before they made a profit. You can't see these details, you only find out when you want to do something you think it's easy, then it turns out it's not.

I'm glad you decided to learn. Leo is the best place for that as you have a bunch of people sharing all kinds of experience.

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I was a little scared when you set the example with the English exam, I thought you wanted to tell me something about how bad my English sounds. Then I calmed down and understood that you were referring to something else. Realizing that I have to learn all the time. Of course, I don't just have to learn, I have to understand and practice.
In this particular case, trading is a complicated thing. I understood that in addition to learning the methods and terms, I also need practical experience. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

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Try to find a trading platform that has demo trading platform. I did that a long time ago, got $5 credit which helped me learn.

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Thanks, I'll do it!

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Well told story.

We have saying that translates to:
"Half baked knowledge is a recipe of disaster."

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Yes, he said very true. Thanks!

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i am on the same train as you regarding knowledge but i don't like to trade, to be honest, it's to stressful for me. Instead, i prefer to just buy some crypto and simply wait!

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I understand and of course this is less stressful. I did the same for almost half a year, but then a little devil pushed me to look at trading. I will see in the end what I will choose next.

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I also wish to start trading anytime soon but now after reading your post, I'll consider learning more about trading before I make any move on it.

I'll stick to buying and waiting for now.

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It's good to do that. Good luck!

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I'd say away from trading honestly. You have way better chances to make money from buying during bear markets and selling in bull markets and you don't get the stress.

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Interestingly, I thought everyone was trading...
Thank you for the advice!

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I'd say, most of the ones trading are actually loosing money. Investing pays better.

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Yes, you made me think about it. Thanks!

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