Phi Phi Island , Phuket , Thailand.

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These scenes of these beautiful limestone mountains , white sand beaches and turquoise waters was from my trip to the Phi Phi Islands late last year before 2020 when pear shaped with the covid-19 don't we all wish we can get back to the real life of nature and beauty.




The Phi Phi islands are some of the most loveliest islands in Southeast Asia they are a group of islands located between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. These islands became more famous when the movie "The Beach" was made on Maya Bay beach in year 2000 starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the James Bond 007 movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" made on Phang Nga Bay in year 1974 , which today is referred to as James Bond Island a popular landmark by tourist even today.




The only way you can get to these islands is by ferries and speedboats which you can get from Phuket , Krabi or Koh Lanta there are many trips done during the day and all vary in time of getting to the islands and price depending from where you take the ferry or speedboats from.




Accommodation varies from five star to backpackers prices a budget to suit all of course you can just do the day trip on a speedboat. The range of activities are endless on these islands apart from just relaxing and enjoying the food and the sunsets you can go off rock climbing , snorkeling , fishing , diving , kayaking or hiking and these are just to mention a few.




We enjoyed kayaking and snorkeling the marine life was really astounding tropical fishes in so many colors and other sea creatures i have never seen before a whole new world in those blue turquoise waters.




The nightlife on Phi Phi Island itself was very lively with many night drinking bars and live band drinking bars my favorite was the Reggae Bar and the Slinky Beach Bar but whatever you doing or decide to do on these islands i can tell you they will be unforgettable memories. Let's hope it can return to this in the near future we will all need a good break when it all returns back to the norm hopefully 😊 🌞 😎





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Wowww..Phi Phi island is up and will be top trending sis. It's amazing Island that everyone talking about when it comes to Thailand. 🤩
The water is so blue and covering by those stunning limestones 😲
You always catch beautiful sunset 👍
Amaziiiiiing ❤️

You are right sis these in my opinion are the best islands in Thailand and great for partying also...hehe 😊
Definitely needs to go on your bucket list after OZ you can drop in to see me here and we will go party together on Phi Phi island 🌞

Yes sis, wait for this pandemic over. I will pack and go, save some money for Thailand and Indo after OZ and will definitely let you know once I visit Thailand 😍 so we can go party 🤣

You have it all worked out nice to have plans and i know you will do it , i will be looking forward to your visit sis 😊

The water is so nice and clear there.

Honestly the best islands in Thailand in my opinion 😊

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Thank you @crazy-andy much appreciated 👍

Great to see the scenery of beautiful limestone mountains , white sand beaches and clear waters.. Thank you for sharing Phi Phi Islands.. Noted in my travel list after Covid

Your most welcome @cherryng and i reckon a lot of people will have this island noted down after this damn covid . Thanks for dropping by 😊

What a beautiful place with the clear emerald waters and gorgeous scenery. Love the sunset. Thanks for sharing!

And this will be the first place i would like to escape to when all this craziness is over 🌞 😎

Astonishing place. I think this location is well-know all over the world, although many folks might not realize it's located in Thailand.

It really is one astonishing island and with fame like that people might think it's in Hollywood 😅

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