The Fella at the Diner.

in #palnet6 months ago

After a long day at work with my stomach running on empty.I decided to visit a small diner as I did not have the energy to fix myself a meal when I got home as the only thing on my mind was to be reunited with my comfortable bed so i could catch some ZZzzzs.

So I am finally at the diner.I have ordered my meal and not up to five minutes after placing my order.A fella walked in exchanged pleasantries with me,made his orders and then engaged me in conversation while we waited for our meal.

My conversation with him was enlightening.He gave me what I would call premium advice and i was very grateful for the chance meeting.

I ate my ordered meal grateful with hunger satiated and refreshed with calories to burn and new knowledge to utilize.

Before leaving for home.I exchanged contacts with him and promised to keep the lines of communication open.

All in all the day has been good and am looking forward to the new day.