Lost,Found and Searching.

in #palnet11 months ago (edited)

How do you react to loosing something particularly valuable and that has proven very useful to you.Something you have grown quite attached to.Do you sit and sulk the whole day or just be thankful you had it,enjoyed it and that it has taken you this far.

And instead of wasting energy brooding about it why not figure out a way to get another one maybe even get an upgrade.I figure as long as we are alive everything is replaceable maybe not the memories attached to it but still new memories can be made.

It's a good idea to insure those things that will cost a lot to replace so that you won't break the bank trying to replace them or put off acquiring it to a later day when funds again becomes available.

So when despair comes creeping in.Remember so long as you are alive anything lost can be replaced maybe even found.

Thanks for reading.Cheers