digital currency trading is very risky

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Are you a beginner who is just trading digital assets.? you have to think the extra mile. because digital currency trading has a very high risk.

price unpredictable. sometimes the price goes up quickly. and sometimes prices can drop quickly. which means you can get high profits. But you can also lose a lot.

there are some digital currencies that are up 10x their original price. for example like eth. and some dropped drastically from their original price. not predictable at all. as is the case today. bitcoin dropped drastically. and other digital currencies also fell.


Yes, I agree with you @aulia1993. New investors should learn to trade before investing.

Yea. But just like any other trading , you have to be ready to loose at some point

The price or value of cryptocurrency can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. There are risks of loss in trading.

Yang dalam bermain coin keberanian dan sabar