Normal Games with DIANA

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Welcome Guys!

Let's play with DIANA!



Don't you play story adventure games? Well, what is the name of the game you are playing?

No, this game is Brawlhalla.

The game is available free on the Steam platform. And it only requires 350MB of space. I will download this game. Thanks a lot!!

I would recommend you to play story adventure games. These games are fun.

I need to make gold battle pass mission everyday to unlock skins for champions, weapons, icons, colors and more. I paid for this pass 10$ :)


This is the most badass skin I got from this pass!


And of course set of the weapons, which those can be used for every champion, who play with scythe or sword!


Still didn't have much level on this champion, but I need master him :D

I will play this game soon. Thanks for the info.

Good game👍