Bitcoin Experiment: Financial Freedom with Faucets?! Week 27

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Now to the stats

The idea is to only use my time, freebies and interest services to grow a balance that is self-sustaining and allows me to life in a low-cost country. Is this even possible? We'll see...


Days Running: 187

Passive Mining

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TronBanners: 0

Financial Independence: NO

Money Makers this Week

Do you know any freebies or very good paying faucets? Happy to get some help here 😘

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@ash, If not today then in my opinion one day diversified streams can help people to achieve financial freedom. Stay blessed.

Just heard about Coinpot closing down today. This is bad news for the faucet world.

Anyway, best of luck with reaching your goal eventually. To the moon!

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oof okay. that's a hit to the faucet gang