12 Month anniversary - growing my deck without using banknotes

in #howto3 months ago

Recently I noticed that 12 month deck playing and growing have bygone from my last year publication of Let your deck grow slowly and steadily - without using banknotes [1]

As I have stated back then at the end of the article, the posting was more work than I wanted to do at first. This time I wanted to share where I am at present times without that much effort for you to read in one piece - and without me to put to much into a single posting.

So why not start a series on where I am, first with a little recap on what has happened to the summoners from a market perspective.

So first, this is the screenshot I shared last year:

Screenshot at 2019-07-24 05:38:34 peakmonster summoner epic rare.png

And second, this is quite the same perspective onto those just from this Friday:

Screenshot at 20200731 175933 summoner A.png

And last not least, there are many more Summoner in the meantime and many more to come, as you may want to read from the footnotes [2, 3]. So the following table shows all the summoners that are already available without those shown above:

Screenshot at 20200731 180128 summoner B.png

See you soon!

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PPS: If you want to read more from us, please have a look at our summary from 2019: Recap, Present, and Prospects [4].