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“Which means that it’s, I think, in general, less likely to be a security, but people are being very creative in the types of NFTs they’re putting out there. It’s a wonder what some people will pay for. And so I think, given that creativity, as with anything else, you should be asking questions."
SEC commissioner Hester Peirce

Aye...I never thought about NFTs being used in this way. For the creative in me, I see NFTs as this huge new novel area to explore and create in. It is kind of like going from no internet, to building a website. Its a new realm to explore in terms of functionality.

I've never been super money oriented mostly because I loathed fiat, so I suppose I never got into finances on such an esoteric and intricate level. I'm somewhat glad I suppose, I think I would be too dumb to try to sell an NFT like a startup ICO or something and succeed. I just hope I will still be able to create art, even silly pieces that have negative value without some authoritative force coming down on me. It isn't so much about the money, its about the novelty of the creation itself.