#sunthursday & #danceweekend - short trip to Dresden

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today it was another hot day in Germany, at least where I was at. Started in the morning in Munich, drove to Leipzig then to Dresden and in the evening back to Munich.

It was a very sunny day, perfect for #sunthursday, the # tag brought to life by @uwelang. And as we speak about him, let's bring today the #danceweekend up, as a lot of people have now longer weekends due to the crisis.

I had some private business meetings in both Leipzig and Dresden. In Dresden, besides the old town I like to go on the North side of the Elbe to one of the many castles up there and either have lunch or just drink something.

The view is gorgeous, far better than what I caught on camera.

On my drive back I wanted to listen to some electronic music so I've stumbled upon this great piece of music. The sound is amazing.

Party on!


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