Fascination dream world: on the cusp of the YOUniverse

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We all have access to our dreams retaining data on our past lives, parallel lives, future lives and guidance for this life, yet prevalent engagement in daily worries occupies our conscious mind to such a degree that these Universal insights are being suppressed ever deeper into our subconscious. Unravelling our Universal dreams necessitates deep Soul searching and Awareness as to our truest heartfelt passions, both things which premise a shift of focus from without to within. Otherwise we'd end up rejecting that which our True Self really wants due to fears that we are not willing to let go for good.

Having said that, there a lot of inner fears that have to be undone in order to unlock those deeper insights and experience and remember them 100% upon waking up, because it is the integration of the energetic essence of this intel that allows us to create a reality without fear but Love.

The dream world is the best terrain for coming face to face with our fears because the physical circumstances we encounter in the waking state might not provide the terrain needed to address certain fears we have. But in the dream state there are no boundaries, and more so, we receive the raw package of emotions and mental images to most effectively attain the Soul growth desired because there is no bodily density into which we can suppress the emotion. On the very core level, it is this inevitable Self-confrontation that people essentially fear when they dread death. The fear of the unknown people often refer to when they express their fear of death roots in a neglection of the dream state, because being in the dream state is very similar to death, the only difference being that in the former we are still tethered to our human body, which means that our Soul's energetic essence doesn't leave the physical body entirely but only partially because it knows that there is still work to do in the current reality experience with this particular body.

As we become more apt in doing the Soul work we will inevitably become increasinlgy awake in the dream state. Naturally, our fear of death will also gradually dwindle then because what we formerly called the unknown is now becoming more familiar territory. We will immerse deeper and deeper into our subconscious dream landscape yet completely conscious.

The whole gamut of our dream experiences is a consistent storehouse of our entire past, present and future Soul history within the entire Time-Space continuum. The most hidden nooks and crannies of our Heart's Universal linkages are perpetually being reconnoitered within this very Quantum landscape, and whether we remember them or not, they are quintessentially explaining and most painstakingly precisely shaping our present moment experience.

Practising mental Silence is so powerful because it allows us to eliminate outdated thought patterns preventing us from delving beyond the superficial conscious right into deeper Quantum landscapes. Here, the value of recording our dreams comes into play: albeit apparently wishy-washy and scattered to the Human mind there is a golden thread of Universal chronology being woven into our web of dreams, guiding us in the most effective way towards our destiny if we pay attention to them.

Much Love and Light,


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Thank you so much for this! You've eloquently put into words things I have intuitively known yet could not have written as purely and concisely as you have here. Saving this in my bookmarks. I wish I could resteem but it took me 6 months to find this buried in my hundreds of phone browser tabs and read it. That's okay; this is a great time to read it and remember the power and importance of dreams.

I kept this post open for days, as I could not respond with steem having problems.

Now I cannot recall what it was I wanted to say...

I like the way you write and have an interest in all you say, for I use the same thoughts for creating a different reality in my books. Here is how I describe it...if you do not mind (it is a very old post, so not trying to get a vote or anything, just wanting to exchange ideas):


I did not post the mentioned story of Ivgos, as most of my readers disappeared...but I hope you can see from this post why it is I was touched by your article.


Great, I read your post and feel your passion and longing for meeting Cherine and the others. The good news: after finishing reading your post I immediately felt inclined to comb through my posting archive to provide you with some hopefully more than promising answers. This topic occupied me so deeply back then that eventually my longing for answers became so strong that it caused, among some other reasons, my spiritual awakening. From then on, irrefutable Consciousness expanding downloads started trickling through over many years, which gradually corroborated my "new" state of consciousness. I have many more posts touching on all this, but to not overwhelm you I have selected five articles to give some basic overview. ;)







Thank you

I am not going to rush through them, but read one, let it filter through and then the next.

Much appreciated.

I'm NOWhere

Very good observation ;)

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