How to Earn With dCity | Strategic Insights from Top Players!

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I was able to speak with a handful of top dCity players.

They were kind enough to provide some insight on how they are able to win [earn], and provide some tips for new players that are thinking of getting into this investment/city simulator game.

I'll keep them anonymous but I'll tell you that they are all top 20 players at the time of this post, tier 1 players!

After agreeing to drop some knowledge on us I sent them each the same 3 questions, and have aggregated their responses below. Here's what they had to say:

What's your general strategy? As in are you going for SIM rewards, HIVE rewards, both, or trying to acquire Tech?
  • SIM Rewards and 100% on Tech
  • I try to adapt both, depending on the market and city adaptation needs, such as buying building, tech and others depending on the utility they represent at short and long term.
  • My strategy since the beginning has been to focus on maximizing SIM rewards. Now that the reward pool has increased so drastically to the point of daily rewards equaling former weekly rewards, I try to balance my quest for HIVE rewards with my quest for SIM rewards. It is important to have an alt account in order to achieve this perfect balance. Trading is the best strategy.
  • HIVE and SIM.
What other strategies out there do you feel are currently viable?
  • Having more than one city so you can transfer the over flow and up your tech to both cities.
  • Currently investing in research is the most profitable option in my view. Its a long investment path. But that will benefit early adopters.
  • Education is of course important, as some of these tech cards can be extremely valuable to use or sell. With the difficulty of discovering tech, I find it important to get your education to 1000 if possible.
  • Auction, playing around with population. Selling technology, leasing cards, selling at a loss but for new cards.. etc.
What guidance would you give to any new players that are just now about to get into the game?
  • Start off with buying packs than adjust your city to your needs such as SIM, Hive Rewards Ranking and even tech.
  • I would focus on getting as much 1st edition cards whenever you need population, and 2nd edition cards when you have surplus of population. Vote wisely for the governor even if you think it does not make any difference, because it does! And if you are buying/selling SIM/SWAP.HIVE, please check the market before you invest directly on the game. It might be worth first converting your SIM/HIVE and then buying cards.
  • Trading is the best strategy to play this game. Sell cards you don't need and buy cards you need. For new players, buying homes on the market can be a cheap way to get your population up.
  • In the beginning it's tough. 800 Sim per card and you will not generate much without a sizable amount to really produce. You should invest a few hundred Hive if you have it. As more players join there will be more cards on the market. You will eventually purge negative popularity. Prices will drop the more up for sale on the market. Good deals pop up. Watch the market put your cards. Also join Discord server where you can make your own deals with other players.

Strategy Recap

Ok so there you have it! It's not a one size fits all kind of equation but we can see that in general TOP PLAYERS are going for SIM with HIVE and TECH as a secondary revenue stream. To each their own.

When asked about alternative strategies TECH was mentioned by everyone, and utilizing a second city to transfer overflow. This is an indicator that main cities are highly optimized to the point that any extra resources that are not critical to the main strat are transferred over to a alt account. Tech is also a focus of the alt accounts.

Advice For New Player

It's never too late to get into the game, you can setup your strategy based on what other successful players are doing and replicate or boldly go where no other play has gone and experiment with a different strat.

It is recommended that new player purchase packs to start, with acquiring 1st addition cards as a starting point. It's suggested that minimum of a few hundred SIM be invested to get your new city off the ground and producing a return on your investment. Do this all while watching the market for good deals that pop up occasionally as some players may sell cards they don't need at a lose in order to acquire new cards that fit into their optimized cities.

That's all for now, best of luck with your next booming metropolis. May you have the ever most optimized mega city that is the envy of HIVE nation.

Thank you to those that helped out by provided insights, you know who you are 😉👊



This is awesome. Great compilation!


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My city sucks.
I got a lot of homeless immigrants, a circus, and a dispensary.

It's like an Insane clown posse show over here!

Where are the upstanding citizens?

hahaha ICP in the house! good question, where are all the upstanding citizens,..I have actually pitched an idea for a more positive citizen, the Pro Gamer.

Thank you so much @agr8buzz for your effort to show us the winning strategies. Now someone can set his/her strategy to get the optimum results. I'd like to thank all those top players who reveal their strategies and help us out.

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cheers, while i dont think anything ground breaking was shared i do think they were truthful in their overall high level strategies and there's value in that.

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Awesome, thanks for that @hivegc 🙏

This is great. I've been looking for strategies for the game as I'm still only new to it. Must set up an alt account!

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Glad you found it helpful!