6 Diesel Pools already going! No GAS required!

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So, quick update on how the Diesel Pools project is going. We're up to 6 different pools now. You can see there's already about $30k of HIVE staked into the pools. If this trend continues there's going to be a ton of HIVE sectioned off in the pools and everyone should know that as we siphon off liquid HIVE into staked HIVE and there's less liquid HIVE out there then that should have a benefical impact on price!

It's good to See the HIVE:DEC pair lead the way and for Splinterlands to get off to a great start with their pair.

It looks like BEE:HIVE is reaching closer to parity as there's been some uptick in demand for BEE.

@eturnerx was kind enough to start the HIVE:HBD pool. Now I'm thinking that some of the HBD in the DAO should come out and fund this pool. I parked some HBD and HIVE in there to help that liquidity get a little easier for folks.

Lastly we're seeing 3 Tribes join the fray. WEED, NEOXAG, and PAL all now have Pools going.

Pool incentives

There are a few different pool incentives we'll be rolling out, but we'll get something really simple out quickly. Hopefully you'll see more projects and also project participants join in as the reward incentives start lining up there.

For now if you're feeling altruistic or want to see projects succeed then feel free to contribute some liquidity to existing pools or get other pools started.


I will repeat my self .... there needs to be fees for swaping .... that is the basic incetive .... the other is just on top of it ... you can leave up to pool creators to choose what or if there will be fees

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Allowing the creator of the pool to choose is a very good option! Would love to see that as an option then see how it works for those pools.

While I'd be more likely to use pools without fees as a user... I would be more likely to use a pool that has higher liquidity snd add liquidity to a pool with a better incentive. If a pool has a better way to give liquidity then all the better... but if not then perhaps a fee as an option is better than nothing.

So these are trading pools with no transaction fees. So there is risk of impermanent loss or a hack with no reward?

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That's awesome news!

Very nice!

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There must be swap fees which will provide basic incetive for adding liquidity.

I do agree w you !

Or some rewards.

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I'm very altruistic but what are the APRs ? :D
Great news ! I'll keep an eye on it but won't get in right now.

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Thats' the key question!

So I can’t find any transaction fees or incentive awards. Did I miss them?

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I didn't follow the latest news about it but I don't think fees/rewards have been implemented yet for those pools.

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I think a small fee like Uniswap would make a good incentive for liquidity providers.

Only swap fees paid to liquidity providers can reduce impermant loss of adding liquidity.

Will you support HiveSigner, @aggroed?
Good luck!

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Great to see pools rolling out would like to see the swap widget added to sites and HIVE keychain so users can swap without having to make market orders

Gonna be interesting to follow how much volume these different pools will get!

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doesnt seem to be working for me. Keeps pushing an error about constant price.

Where is the Leo Pool btw?

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