Learning and Creating in 2019

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This post is to accept the invitation of @brittandjosie*, to answer several questions about 2019 which was a complicated and strong year, but always with the hand of who is our creator we were able to move forward in our beautiful Venezuela, the whole year was hard, but thanks to God the month of December has been less hard and has allowed us to lower the tension a little. That keeps us optimistic, because the faith in God, we have learned to value more the small details and the moments shared in family.
When a nation is made up of fighters and creatives who look for new ways to solve problems by applying unlearning and learning again is that the miracle of remaining standing is achieved.
If you travel through our towns you will see in the gardens and courtyards fruit and food plants for your own consumption and in many cases for sale, an excellent method to save.
Definitely 2019 a year that taught us to value productive work and increased creativity to seek new forms of monetary income legally.
Another way to seek additional income has been the world of crypts among them is wonderful platform stemmit, Venezuela is one of the countries with more movement of exchange of crypts, which has helped many to move forward.

By 2020 I wish that we all continue learning to be better citizens and more humane, happiness always.

Perhaps it is not explicit who, when, where, how, why, whats, but it has been a short summary of what we have lived in 2019 and how we have been able to overcome it, thank God.

In short:
Who? The answer is God.
How? by working and creating
Where? Venezuela
When? 2019
Why? To keep going
Whats? We are learning new ways to grow

Excuse my English, but I need help with a translator (Deepl)
Venezuela, land of peace
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What a great way to write about the beloved Venezuela. I hope that 2020 will be a better year for all of the country. And the fact you took the time to join in the contest makes me happy it’s very good.

I don’t know If you ever heard about the Discord steemterminal but we help accounts and it’s free, and we have a Spanish room with a translate bot , please let me know if you want an invite ,

It is an honor for me to receive the invitation, thank you, it is a challenge for me and so I learn a little more English, thanks and happiness always

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https://discord.gg/P4Zeqd And we have alot of spekking spanish friends on board, and all is free

Oh and don’t forget to place the link to you entry in my contest blog from yesterday so everybody can read it

You normally use only appics, now you wrote this blog , thats so much more intense than just a photo in appics, try this more often and do it together with blogging via appics