Today 'March 11' I Grew Older. Here Is All I Ask...'Kindly Watch A 1 hr:30 Mins Video Of My (Surpassinggoogle) Ulogacy'.

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Dear world, today 'Mar 11' i grew older. If you arrived here, i am grateful.

I am 'your boy Terry' and today 'Mar 11', i decide to talk one more time, in a bid to reach each human with my ulogacy, that incase i am not here, the motion can continue.

On this day thus, if you have arrived on to this video, kindly buy out opportune time to listen to the entirety of this video.

Apply your spirit and being and listen even to my undertone. This way you will connect with me and get my simple gist. I was disoriented throughout the video but you will get my gist.

If you know me or have known me and you have believed in me at anytime, kindly do well to listen to the entirety of my video and even of my nonsense, do a sifting, that you may find sense therein.

Thereafter, kindly share this video to as many people as you can reach, till this video reaches every(any)one.

To say me a prayer or inspire me in a livestream right now, join this stream with your phone or PC:

To read more about me and support the development of my four start-ups, kindly visit this URL:

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears


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Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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