A Little Ulog of My Very Mellow Life

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Greetings, Hive fam! Here with a little socially distanced ulog, which you can imagine will be filled with thrills and excitement! ;)

Oh yes, there has been knitting

I hope y'all are staying well. I've had a couple of friends and one of my cousins come down with the 'rona, but I'm pretty isolated ALL the time so my chance of exposure is pretty low. Colorado is not on lockdown anymore but masks are required in Denver.

And some of y'all (cough@davedickeyyallcough) are likely to be somewhat immune, apparently:


OK, it's only certain strains that are high in CBD not THC that they were looking at, but stil. ;)

corona mask.jpg
this one made me laugh

I've gotten a little writing done (yay!), but am not counting my chickens before they're hatched because I've restarted so many times trying to tell this story. But it feels good to get something down on paper!

I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and have done a little cleaning. That's about the extent of my excitement of late, lol.

grove 2020 2.jpg

Oh, and I have some cucumber and catnip coming up in the grove - these are the cucumbers, but they're actually bigger now with more than the first leaves. This photo was a few days ago.

What have y'all been up to? Are you still on lockdown where you are?

Fight the power - stay inside. ;)

Have a good week, everyone! :)


Love the mask!!! Making one if they ever make masks mandatory around here. We have a different take on things according to your meme. In a crash if you have liquid capital you can do very well. President Kennedy's father got out of the stock market shortly before the '29 crash and then bought back in at pennies on the dollar. The US Fed is in the process of printing up 5 Trillion Dollars and sending it out to banks where it will be made available to connected clients at zero interest rates to buy at pennies on the dollar.

Then there are the corporations like Walmart that could stay open due to grocery sales being an essential service yet not restricted to sell clothing and shoes that they would normally be in competition with in presently closed stores. After two months of going to Walmart do you think the easily trainable human is going to go back to their original shops. Some might.

The smart wealthy shall emerge from this plandemic with a greater share of the pie and greater wealth in assets than when it began. Meanwhile the tax slaves are going deeper into debt and will compete their way to the bottom with wages once jobs begin to trickle back.


That is true about the rich coming out richer, as they always do, not to mention the bailouts they are getting left and right. >:( Such is the rigged game.
The meme is speaking more to the "force everyone back to work even if they don't have PPE so they can make more money for the capitalist class" because note how quickly they started to shit bricks when people did as told and weren't spending so much (except, you know, on Amazon - Bezos is on track to be a TRILLIONAIRE, which is just extra disgusting). It kinda shows that a big general strike could be really effective, if we all agreed to do it.

I'm also enjoying the photos of people wearing plague doctor masks. LOL

It kinda shows that a big general strike could be really effective, if we all agreed to do it.

Can we call it a Revolution and bring back the guillotine? If so, count me in! ✊😎

guillotine 3.jpg

Novacadian cackles merrily 😜

maintenance de routine.jpg