ULOG: Forced Internet Fasting

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I decided to change WiFi companies, because I thought I would be getting an AMAZING deal with a certain company.

I didn't. I got an ok deal, which was better than what I had before, for a little bit less money, but not the giant savings I was expecting.

This led to me not having WiFi for a whole week.

Bild von isuru prabath auf Pixabay

I took it as an internet break, and did everything BUT play on my computer. It also meant that because our house is WiFi heavy, there was no tv, no electronics, no nothing. It was an interesting week with the kids playing with lots and lots of their toys.

I did go to my mom's house a few times, which is where my kid did her homework, but it is holiday season around here, and who wants to be glued to their laptop when you could be spending time with family.

Just an FYI there is ALWAYS family around at my mom's house during The Holidays. Her sisters, her aunties, my cousins, my grandparents, family friends, brothers sisters, neices and nephews. I am always surprised at how many people fit and are fed in that small house, but it always seems to work out just fine.

I also fed myself lots of deliciously amazing thanksgiving food, which ended up not being such a good idea. My body just can't handle all that sugar and flour (and GMO's and MSG) plus all the extra calories. Although I can tell of all the stuff I did NOT eat, I still know I ate plenty, because my body feels swollen and a little itchy.

I won't be blaming my pregnancy for that, I am recognizing that it is all that "extra" food.

To counter that, I looked up some "gestational diabetes" diets, which is where I will end up if I don't watch myself, and took mental note. I will be eating eggs, whole wheat goods, non starchy fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and lots and lots of spinach, kale, and its cousin, cabbage.

This morning I had eggs and beans for breakfast, sprinkled with some dry cheese, and some salsa.

I am also on my way to the mall to deposit some money, buy the kids some hot chocolate, and visit the Harry Potter Journal store.

Sigh Sigh Sigh.

I also made a list of all the things I would like to fix around my house before baby gets here (vent cleaning, new appliances, laundry closet makeover, new windows, new carpets, closet organizers) and instead of wondering how I am going to manifest that AND pay my mortgage, I went and got myself a JOB.

I really hope something else comes through soon, because I don't love the idea of working. My kids will be at school for longer hours, and I will be A LOT more busy with my freelancing AND working, but at the moment, I just don't see any other way for me to pay for my mortgage, make that last payment from the money I borrowed for my down payment, AND fix stuff around the house.

Something had to give, I decided on a job.

Wish me luck!

Happy to be online again,


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Hope it all will work out for you. I didn't know that you bought a house! Congratulations!

I did! I bought a condo, which wasn't my first choice, but the price was the right price...

wonderful!! let's plan a Steem San Diego meeting! We can meet in my yard again if the weather is nice :)