How to become a certified Ulogger

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To Become a certified ulogger follow my steps

There are only 4 simple steps

1.Send 5 steem to @marlians with memo '1 month certification'

2.Then Do a ulog via discussing the process of how you became a certified ulogger. Make sure to use ulog tag

3.Then subscribe to the uloggers tv
ulog 2.PNG

4.Then fill this google form

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Thank you for taking the steps. We want to create a real home and a close-knit family that really moves together. Please start by reading this to 'what a ulog is' (that is a good start):

You were also sent 50 MARLIANS and a memo. Have others get certified too or help them with the process. Exclusive UI-perks even on all the sites,,, and ofcourse will be available to you.

For now, you will be able to oversee a tag in relation to your dream and interest and build an eventual community and enterprise and we will be part of this growth. The tools are still building and we will intimate you in due time and you can always reach me on discord '@surpassinggoogle#1660'.

For now your profile has a label. Please notice others who are certified as you curate on and do well to encourage them and support them.

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Your Marlians is a scam.The in of money is all going to the owner.It started selling 200k tokens sold at 0.2 but now you lowered it and people cannot trade and keep buying more.Owner asking for registration of 5 Steems to become verified for thing that are free to be done in the Steemit platform.Token is of African in origin but targets Chinese and Koreans investers.People should beware this kind of project.beware of this scam Chinese and Korean.

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