ULOG: The Time Change is bleh

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The time changed here in Sunny San Diego today, it is now officially winter and as much as I dislike using the word... I HATE it.

Really though. I don't dislike the winter, I dislike the silly rules and laws that change our time and make it DARK at 5:00pm.

I don't really know where this image came from and I don't trust any images that talk about "old indians" but seriously, it pretty much sums up how I feel about the government messing with my time log.

It is nice that the kids wake up easier in the morning, but now that I have conquered sending them to bed on time, it does not seem like much of a win.

It is the early nighttime that gets me feeling blue.

5:00 PM and it is already dark?

Such a stark different from summer when you can leave the house way past noon and still have 7-9 hours of sunlight.

During this time of year I have to be extra vigilant of my moods and patterns, extra vigilant to get sunshine and fresh fruits and veggies and extra vigilant to get OUTSIDE exercise.

Watching a yoga tape is cool, and good for your body, but walking just one lap around the park during the sunshine does a lot more for your mood.

Good luck to everyone who suffers through SAD - may The Holidays, extra family, and extra sleep time be enough to keep you mentally healthy.

I will be here taking advantage of the fact that I live in Sunny San Diego. I will look forward to the Santa Anna's that make random days in the winter feel like summer, I will go to the beach and sink my toes in the warm sand, and I will make sure to do it all BEFORE 5pm.

I can and I will.


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Ya, I am up in Huntington beach and super bummed that even after we passed the law to let them get rid of this but they did nothing. The only bright side is my baby is asleep and it is only 8 pm. But my 4-year-old is having a tough day.

Baby at sleep by 8pm, woke up by 5am. That's been my reality with all my babies during the time change. They don't seem to care what the clock says!

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Must be tough... It's hard for me to imagine though since we don't have such thing because it's almost always summer the whole year round... xD

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You don't have silly time changes where you are from? Or you don't get the long nights?

I remember friends from Sweden, who would tell me that they had 23 hour days. It sure was interesting to me.

We don't have both.. I gues it's what you get from living near the equator.. hahaha.. It's interesting how other countries are experiencing these stuff, though. I want a longer night as well.. lol~

Nice! Where I am is almost always summer 🙂🙂

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Yeah. The weather here is nice, but the nights come fast.

Do you have summer like long days too? Or just the weather?

Summer feels like long days but we don't change time so maybe just the weather. At this time of the year, it gets dark earlier though, so longer nights.

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I also don't understand why we keep changing the time back and forth. It does nothing good except adding confusion. It seems pointless to me!

I'm also a Sunny guy, I get a bit depressed during the wintertime. 😪

Thanks for your post.

Thanks for stopping by. The winter solstice comes with many celebrations, but it sure is not my favorite. I prefer the summer.

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