One of the MANY Reasons I Won't Let My Kids Have Pets

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Every once in a while my children get the "pet itch" and no matter how many times they ask, cute looks they give me, how many times they help around the house (or any of those other things that kids do when they beg), my answer is firm and constant.

No Way Tio Chico

Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay

I don't think I will ever budge. No matter how cute the puppy.

One of the many many reasons is that I recognize "pets" as lifelong companions, and not just a whim which lasts as long as you are able to handle it.

It is my deep respect for animals that makes me not give in.

I recognize that I don't have an adequate home, that I move often, that my income is not strong enough to invest in high quality pet food, or pet medical bills.

People who don't really make pets/companions part of their family, don't really deserve to have them.

And I recognize that I am the non-deserving folk

I have three children, and another one on the way. If my income would disappear, my kids would stay by my side. If one of my kids needed medical care that I could not afford, I would sell a kidney. If one of my kids needs something for school, I work my brain until I find a solution.

I would not do the same for a pet. Therefor I will not take the responsibility.

Sometimes I give advice that is not asked for and here is some

If you have ever "owned" a pet, and did not keep it for its full life span, then don't suggest to people that they let their children have pets.

"Extenuating Circumstances" are not an excuse in my book. If you would NOT ditch your children, but you would ditch your pet, then YOU my dear, are not one of those people who deserve the privilege of having a pet.

Also. I don't like dealing with poop. I only deal with poop because that is something mom's HAVE to do.


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