some interesting facts about the human body !!!

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The whole human body is interesting, Let's see some mind blowing fact !!!

You will enjoy the reading for sure ......

1)According to some study, heart disease in body directly related to aggressive brushing.

2)Have you ever noticed your breathing ? During breathing, most of the times, air goes in and out of one nostril . Again in few hours, this shift from one nostril to other.

3)Blood flows through out our body without a stop. Surprisingly it takes only 45–60 seconds for the whole blood to travel through our whole body and return back to the heart for one time

4)Water is about 72 % of our body and blood makes up about 8% of our total body weight.

  1. Heard about kidney transplant ? During the process, an extra kidney is added to the body, the existing one never removed.
  1. Our nose never stops growing.

  2. Know our largest organ ?????? Its not heart or lever or kidneys ........ Its our Skin which comprises of 15 % of our weight.


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