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RE: UpFundMe Update: Mining Changes - Comment Command - Contest Winners and More

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I have a few questions.

  1. What kind of upvote value does 2000 ufm tokens give an author? I have votes a few peoples things and it doesn't seem to increase their post value on upfundme.
  2. Will my upvote only give tokens to those with upfundme tags or will it distribute tokens to everyone I upvote?

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Upvotes will only work for those using upfundme tags, however if you get 5000 or more UFM power you can send tips via the !UFM comment command to anyone using any tag. These tips come out of our pocket to spread the word about UFM.

Right now, each 1000 UFM Power seems to give around +1 UFM for an upvote. This upvote value can depend on whale activity, the more whale activity, upvote values get lowered a bit. It can also depend on the amount of posts in #upfundme receiving votes.

Plus it takes about a week for vote power to work properly, freshly powered tokens (from any tribe) seem to use more vote power per vote, reducing your vote power by large chunks. You can check your vote power across various tokens here:

You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on or to get a vote from @ufmbot.