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RE: UpFundMe Update: Mining Changes - Comment Command - Contest Winners and More

in #ufm2 years ago

Yay, thank you so much for the new miner and UFM power! It will take me a bit to get to 5000 UFM, but I'm closing in on a thousand, so hopefully I will be able to start dropping UFM on people soon. :)
Has @ufmbot bought all the leases you said it was trying for so we can start using it now?
I can't drop UFM, but have a !COFFEEA


It has not quite reached a profitable STU, however we just requested 50 leases on for 100 SP each. To compensate @ufmbot has some UFM Power, giving added value on the cost of 25 UFM. However this only works on #upfundme posts. For regular posts it still isn't quite profitable.


Thank you! :)

You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on or to get a vote from @ufmbot.