Typeearn Update: Airdrop And Daily News

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TypeEarn is a decentralized application that rewards its users for developing and perfecting their typing skills. While there are plans for expansion, all you currently do on this platform is to have fun. Play around your computer keyboard, monitor your progress and as you perfect your skills, you earn free cryptocurrency in the platform's utility token, Typecoin(TPC).

These Things Happen

Despite being in its infancy, the uniqueness and tangible use-cases brought about by this project has resulted in decent adoption. We are constantly getting new members. Below are some updates.

New users today3
Total token(TPC) hodlers82
Discord community members54

Some Of Our Promotional Posts From Steemians

Today makes it a week that the TypeEarn project was launched. This has brought a decent influx of users. As well, we have been getting massive support as users join us in creating awareness in the Steem ecosystem and beyond. If you are just hearing about this project for the first time, you can grab some of our utility tokens, TPC in part of our airdrop for writing promotional posts for the project.

Here are some of the posts. Perhaps, you could learn a thing or two more about the project.

TypeEarn - A way to earn as you develop your typing skills by @thegoliath

TypeEarn is a new project on the Steem blockchain with the ability to help people grow their typing ability, by providing a set of words with grammatical symbols to get you moving about the keyboard. Read more

Type And Earn? Affirmative! By @katerinaramm

The world around us evolves.
Sometimes we have the chance to participate in this, sometimes we prefer to watch it and perhaps join when we feel safe. Read more

Pick Up Typing Skill and Earn TPC tokens | A Fun Game App just launched
By @rosatravels

Today, I found out from @tykee the founder of the TypeEarn App whereby you can pick up your typing skills and earn at the same time. The idea of rewarding people to pick up a skill is really motivating. Read more

TypeEarn : A New Platform to Improve Typing and Earn TPC tokens By @alokkumar121

TypeEarn - The Extensive DApp Review
By @teekingtv

TypeEarn is a decentralized platform that helps you in developing your typing skill in a way that makes it a complete fun and rewards you with its native currency, TPC. You type, have fun and earn! Read more

We feel so blessed to have many people writing promotional posts. And while we plan to reward everyone that has contributed to this project, we need to bring it to your attention that every promotional post needs to be shared in the #typeearn-promotion channel on our discord community. Ensure you share your post in the designated channel to be able to claim some TPC when the airdrop commences in the coming days (7days).

Get ready to receive your share of the token for supporting us. Thank you!

@typeearn team

Our Wonderful Team

@ckole @sahmmie @katerinaramm @anharismail @teekingtv

Our Influencers

@darewealth @alvinckc

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