Because The Other Chain Isn't Working

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I sadly to take some sort of pride in what I post on here and do not shit post as often as I should because fuckit who cares right? No one's going to read this in any case.

So the saga has come to an end it seems and the split is now in place everyone is now forced to make a choice on who they ride with, some will be team red, some will be team green and the rest will probably be like a yellow-ish brown as they sit in between waiting to see who will shower them with libations and promises of wealth.

I don't have that much steem in any case so I don't see the rush to try and sell, this isn't really life-changing money so I'll probably just leave it in its wallet and see how it goes. Pretty sure it will go South as many defectors will be more than happy to get less for their steem only to tank the price and provide the chain that shouldn't be named on here more ammo to do development

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A bold move

It's a bold move and one I'll be keen to follow, I've often been amazed at how Bitcoin Cash ABC and SV and ETH classic have continued post-fork despite all that has transpired somehow they remain so I feel a fork can be run in tandem and not really bother the other too much.

It's going to be an interesting battle now that the old oligarchy has moved over and will be taking many of the community-run projects that kept his place a buzz with it, vs Tron foundation and their money bags to see who can keep more of the audience and grow their respective user bases.

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What do you good people of steem think?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I'm done with looking at either Steem and Hive as investments. Now I'll look at these as faucets. The guys at the top have already screwed my investment beyond all recognition, so they can be sure that not even one extra cent is going out from my pockets to any of these platforms.

Lol I know I’m laughing but I’m right there with you I don’t see the point in investing anymore will rather by other speculative alts and see how it goes! I don’t think I’ll ever get back the money I put into steem and that’s okay I guess I see it like Netflix I just waste money spending time on the internet

What do you good people of steem think?

If my understanding of @tarazkp's post is correct it sounds like more stake than STINC's ninja mined tokens were not brought along in the airdrop to HIVE. A sad start, in my opinion, if that is the case.

Yes that is correct, anyone who voted for 2 or more sock puppets would not get the airdrop directly into the Hive wallet, hence a large power down and sending to binance or huoubi who would honour. It's a polarising move for sure, we'll see how it works out

Well that was quick! You're back on STEEM 😂

I'm in the yellowish-brown region for now as there's going to be a massive transition as users who may not fully grasp what's going on and if they are really that bothered about decentralisation to make the move over.

My friends are split, I'm split, the Top 3 community is split so we'll just have to carry on and let the dust settle and see how the landscape looks in a week or so

I don’t mind because I’m not emotionally tied to any of this I just enjoy hanging out here and learning because I know this shit will be the future and the more I know the better for me!

There will be plenty of users that don’t care and just want to do their normal stuff! Also a lot of dapps and utilities will be moved or will be broken so it’s all over the place! Well just have to wait and let this thing mature into the milf at the bar

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