Thinking about using twitter to leverage myself

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One of the things that I did these quarantine days has been reading a lot. And one of the matters that catched me up was using Twitter as a source of traffic & personal branding.


Those profiles with thousands of followers around a niche don't stop to amaze me.

Think about this concept:

The people are following you not for who you are or your physical appearance (your profile pic is a avatar).

They follow you for your content and for what you have to say.

Something that I guess that will be increasingly important in the following years. Your online presence.

I have the feeling that in not much time. your follower count, retention rate and copywriting abilities will be (by far) more relevant than your school grades.

For that reason I started to take twitter more seriously. Since a couple of days ago I started tweeting more 'agressively', adding to discussions and trying to generate relevant content in the form of 'thoughts' or short messages.

My main areas or interest are 'personal finances, productivity, passive income and of course Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies.

So (obviously) I'll be tweeting about this themes.

I've decided to screenshot my stats and publish them here. If I keep it up, It will be interesting to see the progress over time.

stats twiter.png

If you're not doing it yet, what are you waiting for?

Follow me on Twitter!


Thanks for reading!


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Nice idea! I think I will do it from time to time.
I have been using my twitter since january 2020 for the same reasons!

I'm still a bit green and annoys me not seeing any 'significant' growth, I need to take things a bit more easy...

Working on building your personal digital brand is probably one of the most long-term rewarding things you can do in terms of profitability.
Just take a look at all those YouTubers or Instagram influencers.

I'm thinking about being a very focused niche player. I don't even want to disclose my 'own' image & personal details.

Just ideas, deep thought & content.

Quality over quantity always.