Bim, Guess What?! James May Apologizes Again and Again

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I found this interesting show on TV the other day. It is supposed to be a pay streaming show but I was able to watch it for free limited time or something.
But I think it is very interesting because I learned a lot about Japan and Japanese culture and other stuff that I didn't know about from watching this show.

Of course it is a TV show, so he goes to places and does crazy stuff that "regular" people don't get to do.
Dress up like a boy band.

Bunch of Butts.

Digital art museum... this looks amazing. I need to do this some day.

And old places, very traditional Japanesy stuff with a tour guide robot.
Japanese people have this strange obsession about robots and stuff I don't know why but this translation robot is so bad, it is so funny!

James May: Our Man In Japan


I learned a lot of weird stuff from this show, or through his perspectives...
He uses "Sumimasen" a lot. Which means like "I am sorry" or "Excuse me", but he says that a lot for no reason and then he follows with "Arigato" which is "thank you".

Japanese people use this word a lot and apologize first to start a conversation or do something and I think he picked up on that. And I say "I sorry" a lot too in English.
My friends often ask me why I am apologizing... I am not sure but it is kind of like my habit.
I just do it without thinking about it too much.
I think its similar to "I love you" in the US. People say that a lot, maybe too often so that it doesn't mean anything sometimes?!

But anyway, it is a very interesting show if you have access to it, you should watch it 🤣

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Sumimasen Tomoyan san, do you know about Chris Broad? He's a British youtuber that lives in Japan. He's lived there for quite some time, maybe you'll find his content similar to the one on this show. This is his channel:

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OHHH I like his channel. Sumimasen. Thank you.
I like paolo too. He is from LA
I watch some other random channels sometimes hahaha sumimasen.

I didn't know about paolo. I'll check it out, arigato. Sumimasen Tomoyan sempai.

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I like paolo’s food videos. 😋😋😋 sumimasen

haha, this was a great show. Watched it at the start of lockdown. I've always had a massive urge to go visit Japan, always was big into my Anime growing up (still am but I watch less these days). Sumimasen..

Oh nice!!! What is your favorite? sumimasen arigato 🤣

Haha, cut my teeth on DBZ but then got into Cowboy Bebop, Samurai 7, Death Note, Naruto, Bleach and a fair bit of Gundam while I was at uni. In case you were asking about which episode of James May’s show, the highlights were defiantly the creepy town full of dolls and and the train theme tune music 🎶

OMG 🤯 🤯 🤯 I like them all 🤣
Oh the abandoned village! I think the place is beautiful. Mountains everywhere and close to the ocean. Nobody lives there so buy the whole thing, get rid of creepy dolls, and build a expensive private resort or something. I think people will come from all over there world 😆

Yeah that region is beautiful. Definitely on my bucket list for a hiking holiday.

If you go there, you should get your doll made like James May 🤣

Haha that would be kinda fun! 🤣