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RE: A Short History Of Fireworks ~ Part: I ~ Happy 4th Of July ~ Original Photography and Somewhat Lengthy Discussion ~

Happy 4th of July!

WOW! Very magnificent fireworks! I love them all! Great capture!

They are now illegal here, too. So, it's great to see these fireworks via your photos!

I'm excited every time I see fireworks, especially when I was a kid..... Or even today, "kid heart in older body"! Ha ha! ;D

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)


Hello. I'm glad you liked the photos. They were fun to capture. And glad I can provide them for you, since they are hard to see there. As for growing up, why bother, eh? Have a nice night, my friend.

Yeah! No problem for "old body with kid heart"..... Ha Ha! ;D

Have a wonderful night, GFF! ;))

Yes, I suffer that, luckily ( :

Ha ha! ;D