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RE: A Short History Of Fireworks ~ Part: I ~ Happy 4th Of July ~ Original Photography and Somewhat Lengthy Discussion ~

2 and 8 are my faves. Any good fireworks were always illegal in Michigan. Yeah I remember how when I was young when we would vacation down south and I would load up on illegal one and bring them home. I remember being 10, and going to the Dearborn fireworks display. I had my illegal fireworks in a paper bag set on the blanket. That cop didnt worry about any warrant, he snatched that bag, looked in and walked off with my year's worth of fireworks :( I had not thought of that memory for ages and it still stings lol.


That was not a nice policeman. he probably took them home and blew them off with his kids that night. Heavy corruption in the world of noise and light. Sorry to bring up bad memories, on a nice Sunday. But I suppose that is what happens, when the writing mind wanders. Do you still blow them off now? They are very expensive, I know that much. And paying the bills has somehow become a higher priority on this end. Whatever HAPPENS to us as we get older than we think we are?