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RE: A Short History Of Fireworks ~ Part: I ~ Happy 4th Of July ~ Original Photography and Somewhat Lengthy Discussion ~

What a fun and interesting way to celebrate. I would have loved that golf course game. Heck, I'd love it now.

It seems to me there are two kinds of creatures: Those that want to run at a lit firework and bite it like the best dog toy ever, and those that want to hide under a bed and say dog prayers. I happen to have one of each in my house.

I can hear the distant booms indoors before, during, and after the fourth of July, but they generally are not very loud. I enjoy the sound. Maybe it reminds me of childhood, or maybe it makes me think that there is someone getting a little high off of their boom. Most likely it reminds me that there are holidays, and holidays are often lovely - even without fireworks. That said, I can sleep through a heavy metal band no problem, so that certainly plays a role in perspective :)


I did come across a bit more like a crabby crank than a curmudgeon there. These are big, M80's on steroids. And at random. They used to start around May or June, and run till August. I think those in charge have put the kibosh on that. Though the huge ones still go off, just not as much. They are kind of cool, on the holiday, or when playing on the golf course, but after midnight a month later, get a bit old. Like I mentioned, it's gotten much better. And I've gotten older too ( :

I am afraid I need quiet to write, maybe a touch ADD or something. Most things distract me easily, either out of "ooh, that's cool" interest, or simply harder to concentrate. So the new band is tough sometimes. I AM getting old, aren't I?

Never seen a dog run toward fireworks. Though Stinky the Cat used to run up to the weed eater, whenever I fired it up. "What's going on here?" Had to shoo her away from that one. Though like so many things in life, it wasn't the obvious that did her in, like messing with the blackberry blade on the Stihl, it was some sort of odd brain cloud. I suppose that is typical of life. Worry about crossing the street, so you dash across, and fall into a manhole.

Those numbers and letters for the booms always manage to confuse me. I think it is the same issue I have with street names - I can always remember Mulberry Street, but call it 22nd Street and forget it. Literally, I forget it :)

So, I am thinking those number-letter-something-or-another big booms you mentioned must be the professional style ones that burst high in the sky? They are illegal here as well but apparently it is not enforced in any way here. I see them frequently in the distance, but only the week of the holiday. That stuff is really expensive to be blowing off for the heck of it in May or June. Those crazies - it takes all kinds.

I know what you mean. It takes me twice as long to write with any noise because of distraction. I think the human brain inately likes to avoid work, even when it is work we enjoy. Maybe its an instinctive effort to conserve energy...or maybe brains are just lazy :)

Poor Stinky. I believe in the law of the opposites. It is often the opposite of what we think that happens in the end.

M80's. "If you can't baffle them with B.S., flummox them with facts." (Don't ask me what I'm talking about there.)
As for the human brain in this head...I'm sure it is a combo of the W.A.L. (work avoidance-laziness), the lack of focus of the scatter gun-based approach to life and thinking, and the fact I spent many years working in the near silent woods of the west. Add them all up, and "I need quiet, people".