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RE: A Short History Of Fireworks ~ Part: I ~ Happy 4th Of July ~ Original Photography and Somewhat Lengthy Discussion ~

Nice photos! I'm not sure why we launch them off, either, especially considering the price of fireworks. The price tag on a large city's fireworks display is astronomical and, yet, city governance can't find enough money for the arts, city improvement or beautification projects, feeding the hungry, etc....

Still, they are fun. We never played with them as kids, because my parents were worried about blown off fingers and, really, the big fireworks display was the main attraction. Nowadays, I like to buy some of the more interesting ones on the 5th or after, when they're on deep discount. They're handy for photography projects :-)


Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. It is an expensive endeavor, that's for sure. I go back and forth about it. Nice to see and photo, but could feed a lot of people with it.
I have a second part to this I want to finish, about the youthful days, but may have to wait until next year. I never seem to be on time, and now, it's a bit too late. But I had the whole finger thing happen. Luckily it was a small firecracker, but HURT LIKE THE DICKENS!! Lucky, I guess. Just numb for a day. Maybe that's why we never messed with the big ones. We were actually hidden smart, in our dumbness.
I should try the day later sales. They DO come in handy for more than just light and noise. How do you use them in photo projects? I can only imagine.

Ouch! Yeah, that doesn't sound fun!

Mostly, I try to get the sparklers and smoke bombs for use with photos. I used some smoke bombs in my jack-o-lantern after Halloween for photos last year. It was fun to play around with.

Oh, that's right. I recently re-read that post, for some reason or another. With the blue smoke and other types coming out. It was rather comical, to say the least, and very creative. I was trying to figure out what you would use the huge, spider web in the sky thunderboomers for. The sparkler and smoke bomb do make sense.
As for the hand experiment, luckily I learned the hard way, but not as hard as it could have been.