MUSEICIAN hosted Crypto Open Mic Contest

in tunes •  10 months ago 

So... I tried to post a video of this which was unsuccessful. I'm opening up the original MUSICOIN contest to all musicians of all platforms.

You could win 1,000 MusiCoin as the winner. Each submittal wins my own token which is the Museician token. That's why you need a waves wallet address to submit your song to the contest.

I'm also giving away 10 tunes tokens and 10 creativecoin tokens from the Steem blockchain. So you have the chance to win thousands in cryptos. Even participating gets you a handful.

Just go to click the link to the contest submission form...and boom we're in business.

It's also brought to you by this is the last week of them supporting the contest.

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So is anybody out there?

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Gave you my baby vote


You getting in on this?

yeah. When I get home I'll get it in.

I'll take your word. Let's get it!

I saw this post back when, but at the time I was in the midst of moving
And even now I don't have my music gear completely set up, so
I couldn't have participated then, nor now for that matter.
By the look of things, you didn't get much participation
For which I am profoundly sorry @paulmoon410. 😭

Not on Steemit... I do get participating parties elsewhere. Still making moves though.