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I was intended to write this a few days ago, but this is finals week. Although the current trend is for the contested states to send their own electors, I am not yet certain if these alternate electors were chosen by the state legislature. If there is truly a controversy that can be proven in court, it is the states-not the governor-that chooses the electors. If there isn't a court provable controversy, it may likely be in uncharted water. From suit cases of ballot counted in secret in Fulton county Ga, to markergate, to dead people voting to infants voting, to clerks abusing their power in Wisconsin, to forensics showing not only dominion hardware is open to fraud and have huge error rates with deleted logs and other logs showing attempts at hacking, to dominion hardware being able to create ballots, to tens of thousands of ballots entering the cobo center at 4am at night, to massive fraud confirmed in Clark county Nevada, missing shipments of ballots, postal workers post dating ballots, federal judges trying to replace a state legislature, to election officials keeping out conservative observers, to crisp absentee ballots that never been folded, to ballots that were photocopies, to pure joe Biden military votes in Fultin county Ga, people ordering ballots from china in get the idea, this election was ripe with fraud. Measuring that fraud may be difficult, but one can easily see that fraud took place. The unfortunate reality is that the courts haven't been able to see it. Justice is Blind, and in the Supreme court of Michigan one of the judges is legally blind. .

So lets suppose this alternate elector plan fails. What are the good people in America to do, who realize that our elections have been stolen and will continue to be stolen. it's not like the cheating politicians will change the system. The present court system have proven either impotent or incompetent, and future judges will reflect the will of either the fake elections directly or indirectly through nominations of the corrupt politicians.

At the present moment there should be a 1688. That is enough people rise up against Joe Biden, that he and Harris abdicates power. But despite all the protest, there has been none in williamton, Delaware. I would like to see an armed peaceful million Guy Fauks man rally outside of Joe Biden's home, complete with burning effigies. But I doubt that would happen. Many others are talking 17776. I am not sure what 1776 really means in this context since the declaration declared our independence under international law that out colonies were becoming their own nation, and contained an indictment against king George III for his crimes against us, and called when it was necessary to abolish government. From the rhetoric I am left to believe it means a civil war or revolution.

The Texas republican party has talked about seceding from the Union. Secession as you know is something that occurred prior to the civil war as states formed a confederacy. But according to the supreme court, it is also something that didn't happened. The states didn't have the authority to leave the union. Did the house and senate ever have quorum during the war, I suppose could be asked in hindsight. Anyways:

When Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation. The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.

Considered therefore as transactions under the Constitution, the ordinance of secession, adopted by the convention and ratified by a majority of the citizens of Texas, and all the acts of her legislature intended to give effect to that ordinance, were absolutely null. They were utterly without operation in law. The obligations of the State, as a member of the Union, and of every citizen of the State, as a citizen of the United States, remained perfect and unimpaired. It certainly follows that the State did not cease to be a State, nor her citizens to be citizens of the Union. If this were otherwise, the State must have become foreign, and her citizens foreigners. The war must have ceased to be a war for the suppression of rebellion, and must have become a war for conquest and subjugation.

Our conclusion therefore is that Texas continued to be a State, and a State of the Union, notwithstanding the transactions to which we have referred. And this conclusion, in our judgment, is not in conflict with any act or declaration of any department of the National government, but entirely in accordance with the whole series of such acts and declarations since the first outbreak of the rebellion.
Texas v White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869)

What does the consent of the other states mean? There are no constitutional provision to allow this, and by their ruling the closest legal machination is a constitutional amendment but even that mechanism allows the congress that option-so the claim doesn't seem rooted in the constitutional framework. Given the present state of the house and senate, a constitutional amendment is unlikely if it were pursued through congress. Perhaps the consent of the other states, means a lack of prosecution of war stopping it.

If you were to look at a map of the united states, you would see that in terms of land and states America is overwhelmingly Trump territory.


The supreme court didn't say what percent of states had to agree, since this is otherwise outside of the bounds of the constitution. But if we suppose it required them all to agree, we see that America is only blue on the west coast and the north east, and a few cities in between. Aside from antifa, these blue cities are the homes of the soy boys who are allegic to guns, and probably can't set up a christmas tree without self-injury,...had they celebrated christmas. I don't think they would have any fight in them when a pine needle could incapacitate them. Even if we suppose Biden planned to respond with military force, I suspect our troops will defect or even coup against Biden. So I think that if texas were to leave the union, consent is pretty much automatic.
More the blue states may even welcome Texas seceding if it meant they could achieve the communism they always wanted. If Texas left the union, even without cheating, America may never turn red again.

So let us suppose that Texas left as a revolutionary act without any objection. America would never turn red again, conservatives may never have the senate, may never carry the house. Other red states, which is practically the rest of the union, would feel completely disenfranchised as if they had no say in the federal congress as the liberal thugs looting them for all they are worth to redistribute the wealth. Certainly you can see them doing what we had to do with Justin sun, forking and leaving an empty husk behind. Joe Biden would be left with an empty husk of a few blue states, and a 26+- trillion dollar national debt, and much of the United states largest assets (student loan debts) would mostly be uncollectable.

As pleasant at that may sound, no more federal student loan debts, there are grave dangers. The US dollar could collapse. If Joe Biden if left with an empty husk, there is no realistic way that the nations debt could be paid off-the dollar is no good. The people of Texas alone provides about $300 B in federal income taxes per year, it is the second largest Economy in the united states, and so the federal government could no longer collect that. . For a successful transition, inhabitants of these states need to find additional stores of wealth besides dollars. The governments may have to invest heavily in stores of dry foods, but never expect the government to do anything right. Each person perhaps needs to stock up on at least 6 months of food, and perhaps fire arms to protect it. Additionally, people would need to secure access to heating or cooling as the case may be. If the dollar becomes worthless, there is hardly an incentive to create things, other than basic life necessities, until there is a stable replacement currency. Additionally, many loans are backed by the federal government-lenders in the new states will lose that protection and consumers can be expected to pay more even supposing the dollar was stable.

The loss of Texas alone would also cost the United states their ability send air force recuits through basic training. The United states would either have to buy a lease (with what) with Texas, or move everything to a new facility. Alternatively the United states could end the air force. Additionally, the United states would lose access to 15 US military bases. . Overall, the federal government would lose access to 810 federal buildings. .

To be quite frank, I think highly of the idea of the states seceding from the Union. The blue states have been a ban legislatively to our natural rights for decades. Although I strongly oppose a Biden presidency, I don't think a new nation lead by Texas is a good idea either. Texas, like much of the south, is full of federalists. While secession would be an ultimate move towards states rights, the federalist worship the state and law enforcement and would continue to pounce our natural rights. In the end, I could see the United states breaking up into 4 nations. The northern libertarian red states (and Alaska), the southern federalist states, the blue north east, and the blue pacific states. I don't see any difference in the latter two-I just think they would separate for geographic or Californian convenience. I don't really like the idea of the northern red states being land locked, but in suppose nothing changes. Climate wise, I prefer the south-but I can't stand the federalists.

In the end, who wins through secession? ultimately it is china. They would have destroyed the dollar; the present world reserve currency. Additionally they have been banking on the idea that the curve will save the nation, and they are likely banking on the idea Americans would chose crypto if their country dissolves. Third, as their currencies gain strength against the dollar, they could buy land and businesses even cheaper. Second place will be those who successfully prepared for secession and done so more than marginally. The people who will suffer most are the elderly or truly disabled who may not have access to social security or other benefits to pay food, medical, and rent or the ability to use skills or social equity to acquire them. The next would be the inner city folks who are in a similar boat, but may have other skills. Another set of people who may suffer would be those who held onto substantial Dollar back assets-whether it be dollars, bonds, cds, loans, etc-or stocks to the same effect. The left wants to stick to to bankers and wall street; secession would likely do just that. Vulnerabilities in peoples basic life necessities will become tools to sway the population of a state to loyalty to one side or another, and certainly people are used to the US dollar. It would be important for a state seriously planning to secede to make plans for vulnerable populations, other than shipping a vulnerable person on the other side of the border.

The cost of freedom from the tyranny of the democrats isn't free. To actually secede the nation has a higher cost than I think most people will fathom, and they should consider planning today in case secession is one quick response. Personally, I would welcome that outcome. Between the Obama judges and the federalist, and a psycho should be in laws, there is very little reason for me to stay in the United states. I've experienced the horrors of Joe Biden's illegal policies that has substantially harmed me and many others, and I know that they are planning to crank up the pain to max to crush every natural God Given right. The last place for the Bidens' or those with similar views need to be is the whitehouse. But if they plan to cheat and force their way in, we the people have to say there is no way in hell we will allow that. Everything should be on the table, including unspeakable things, to prevent pure despotism. Peaceful options are of course the highest priority. But if we are not able to resolve this controversy through reason, whereas there is no neutral arbitrator willing to hear the case, it really don't take a rocket scientist to know what is in our future, For someone who wants to be president, we should hope they are educated enough to recognize what I had just alluded to; The Lockean transmutation from a state of controversy to a state of war. Do you think a communist, who are planning to advance communism even if it is outside of their lifetime, really care about creating a state of war if they are able to advance or secure communism at the end of their lifetime; A man who has never hesitated at shedding the blood of the youth of his fellow countrymen on foreign shores to achieve purely governmental objectives often unrelated to the American public. A sadistic corrupt ole man shouldn't be coercing the freedom loving youth who want to live their lives into thinking about civil war and revolution, but already in his days as a senator has had substantially harmed them from enjoying their lives far before they were ever born. They can be able to live and enjoy their lives, if they are able to break free of Joe Biden's America which still haunts us today. And if they chose secession, I would think their federal student loans would be unenforceable.

Even if we suppose Trump prevails through the alternate electors, we still haven't escaped Joe Biden's America; We just stopped it from getting worse. If the blue states secede from the USA and form their own, it means we can really start to make America Great again policy wise-but the debt would still be a great concern. The red state seceding may be the best option on the table, but we have to do it wisely.