True Stories: A Brush with Scientology (Part Two)

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If you want to learn about True Stories, it’s tag and what it represents, then please see my previous post.


What you are about to read is a True Story, and everything has been kept intact with what my memory holds.

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April 1999

It was with some apprehension that I made my way back to the Scientology store. I paused at the doorway as though something from the ether was sending me a warning before entering.

Dreamer was on the other side of the counter buried deep inside a book or magazine, but looked up as the door opened.

Hello’, he said as though welcoming an old friend, ‘just give me 2 minutes and I’ll be right with you

’I found it strange that he recognised me, English people are not renowned for their great visual memories’

While he was rummaging around in the back I started thinking, ‘maybe this dude is already one of these ‘Clear’ people’, or it could be that so few naive dolts enter the shop that remembering the only single customer in a week was hardly challenging.

Shall we get started’ he said with a friendly smile after buggering about in the depths of the shop for longer than the two minute wait I had been expecting.

Now armed with a clipboard and pen he ushered me into the back area, through a narrow passage and then up some stairs.


The back area looked untidy, shoddy and dusty as though nobody had cleaned the premises in years; the stairs creaked as we walked up and entered an office lined with posters.

One stuck in my mind depicting a chart to being ‘Clear’. It was marked in series of progressions from zero to one hundred.

You will be somewhere around this area’, he said to me noticing my interest and pointing to around fourteen on the chart. I’m quite sure this chart was what is known as ‘The Bridge to Total Freedom’.

The description for fourteen was not especially inspiring though I can’t quite remember what it was, something like ‘Hopelessness’.

Now I was in a well-paid contract, had no financial worries and felt far from hopeless though I was pining for a partner, something that would materialise in just four short months when I would meet my future wife @bingbabe.

Perhaps this had some bearing on my direction and my inability to see what was coming?

Just through here’, Dreamer ushered to me as he walked into the back section of the building that housed a bare room with a table and two chairs.

...'the auditing room was basic, though maybe not quite this basic'...

Please take a seat, he said and then went on to explain that I needed to be blindfolded for the next hour. No panic or alarm bells went off as he explained the reason would be to help my concentration.

Having affixed the blindfold to my eyes I heard Dreamer ready his clipboard and pen.

Think of a traumatic event in your past and describe it to me’, he said in that calm soothing voice that fitted his demeanour perfectly.

’I have read The Church of Scientology use these records of personal experiences as blackmail if you try to escape their clutches, fortunately the incident I described was not personal enough for them to use against me in the following weeks to come’

I described an incident when I was 10 years old of a car crash during which I witnessed an effect now recognised as ‘Tachypsychia’.

This is when time appears to slow down due to the brain being unable to take in all the details and can happen during periods of severe trauma.

My memory of it is not so much traumatic, more fascinating to the mind of a boy and the fact that everything happened in slow motion still intrigues me.

I can clearly remember some parts of the incident, such as the car ever so slowly losing control and then smashing into a wall, my mother freaking out not daring to stop and finally the scene of a head smashing through the windscreen, the blood vivid red and gushing.

My 10 year old eyes gazed at this scene while driving past the car; some things never completely remove themselves from your mind.


What happened to the passengers, I have no memory of or whether my mother reported the incident. Had I seen death? My mind may know but if so it’s unconsciously buried in there somewhere I cannot reach.

Can you remember the colour of the car’, said Dreamer in the same calming voice as though he heard stories like this every day and mine was one of the more boring tales.

I concentrated on the car colour but could not bring that piece of information out of my mind no matter how much I tried.

Did the driver talk to you when you drove past’, he continued.

’the driver was probably dead and not up for a lively conversation with me about Tonka Toys or even Corgis’

What model of car was it?
Did you wind the window down to get a better look?
What did your mother say when it all happened?
Was there more than one person in the crashed vehicle?
Did you take the registration number of the crashed vehicle?

The questions came one after another, some of them appeared to really focus on the gore and graphic vivid details of the incident.


After an hour of these questions with some time in between each to deliberate and extract information out of my head I had remembered precisely… nothing.

Disappointed I left with Dreamer expressively telling me this was quite normal and that it would take time and practice for events to be pulled from my memories.

Every night, before you go to sleep empty your mind and think about that incident’, he told me as though giving a student homework.

I followed his advice but managed to recall no further details about the car crashing incident.

It got me thinking about other things from my childhood such as the lamp on my bike, the markings on it, the switch on the back light and was surprised to find that I could remember some things.

Was this real and all I needed practice?

To be continued...

All images are cited and are free to use, or in the public domain.



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I'm surprised you ever took it seriously, unless there's a big reveal.

One of the best sociology trips I ever organised was taking one class to the Scientology center in BlackFriers - they had a tour, a talk, a go on the 'emeter' thingy, and the students were just excellent in asking a bunch of difficult questions which the Scientologists really struggled with.

No one was sold by the end of the day!

Never heard of this E-Meter, I had to google it in fact. I didn't get that far.., thus 'a brush'.., I'll continue it soon.., there's more :)

Never heard of an E-Meter... are you sure you were audited properly!?!

I also can't help but think of the Tom Cruise episode of South Park anytime I hear Scientology mentioned.

I've long admired LRon for so blatantly making up his own religion.

I'm actually thinking about setting up a cult myself, I've got the beard for it, and it's probably the best chance of getting laid I've got these days.

Never heard of an E-Meter... are you sure you were audited properly!?!

I cant remember this device, maybe Dreamer was an apprentice and didn't know what he was doing?

I've got the beard for it, and it's probably the best chance of getting laid I've got these days.

No no.. that was the place both of us just left... :)

Yes I might go back, actually there are plenty of super attractive female digital nomads I've noticed. The problem is it's so distracting I'd never get any work done!

Man that does sound creepy... kind of like they're auditing your memories.

Having never looked into how Scientology works this is an eye opener for me. I'm glad I came back to read part 2 🙂👍

It is memory recall, little did I know it was all being recorded. Those blindfolds do have their advantages.

I have heard as well that they often make victims of abuse go into excruciating detail about certain events. I am surprised they didn't make you hold the cans and use that device they use. Or does that come later? This is really fascinating!

I am surprised they didn't make you hold the cans and use that device they use.

Blimey, I think you know more than me, can't say I have looked into all this!

I just know what I have heard from the TV shows. Again, it's pretty one sided against the "church", but as I said to my wife, if even 1% of it is true, then that should be enough to shut it down.

There are some documentaries knocking about, I should watch one. I escaped something that could have been very bad, but that's for a later episode.

Some people find Mrs. Remini annoying, but if you can get past that, it is really interesting. I especially like the parts where they interview people that were formerly very high in the organization. That should tell you something right there. It will be interesting to see if anyone comments on your posts in support of it.

It will be interesting to see if anyone comments on your posts in support of it.

Me too, would generate a lot of debating!

I'd be careful, it could make you a target! :P

@slobberchops, Some events can turn into trauma for us because our mind always refreshes it and this leads to the Fear, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. And in some cases these Traumas stays for long-lasting time. Stay blessed.

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Fortunately for me I picked something out that could not be used against me. They could call me a heartless bastard for being fascinated instead of traumatised of course!

At the end of the day everyone take different approach to deal with particular issue. Have a blessed time ahead.

Great writing - pace, style. I like a change, to found something that is not fiction and enjoy all the same, maybe even more than a fiction. :)

Thanks, it's not fiction.. it did happen.., and there's more to come. One day I'll run out of stories and then they will be fiction!

On your way to being a psychic scientistic phenomenon I'm sure, ;0)

Close you eyes when in bed and think which beer got 2/10 a few days ago.. and your there!

I.. I, I can almost see the label!!

Would love to see where this story goes! Cannot say I have ever heard any positive things about scientology myself, but to have had a first hand experience like that... pretty freaky!

I love this #truestories concept. I am going to share your original post with my PHC members. I am sure a few of them would love to jump onto this... I know I am going to!

I know I am going to!

I want to read yours, following!

I have so many stories to choose from hehe.... but I think I know which one I will go for :) Thanks for the follow as well :)

I'd forgotten they had blindfolded me too. That will be part of what made it so menancing.

I also didn't know the story of the car accident. That probably explains your fetish for snuff movies.

I'd forgotten they had blindfolded me too.

It helps with the concentration - Dreamer

That probably explains your fetish for snuff movies.

Banned horror actually, I have now grown out of it and can freely blame @trolleydave for all this.

Hey there Slobberchops! haha. Love that name! Only wish I was there with you to see it all first hand. Yes I heard of the church using personal info against people to keep them under control. Love that photo of the desk! haha

I found you through a fellow travelblogger, Joythewanderer. In fact I saw her just last month at steemfest here in Thailand. Anway I just thought I come by and check out what you do here on steemit, and with a name like Slobber Chops! C'mon! :)

From Koh Phagnan Thailand!

Have a great day! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Well that's 2 x Steemfests where we have both attended and not met. Must be some kind of record!

check out what you do here on steemit, and with a name like Slobber Chops! C'mon! :)

It's so you don't forget me, I was going to use @john39287 but changed my mind at the very last minute. These decisions change your life... :)

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